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WedMay 22

World Goth Day – May 22, 2024

World Goth Day is observed around the world on May 22. We have all seen goths — they prefer to dress up in dark clothing and pale makeup. A certain style of clothing and appearance is associated with goths. People mistake goths for those who are obsessed with death and all things morbid. However, this is not exactly true. World Goth Day encourages us to celebrate this culture and learn why goth culture is so popular. World Goth Day is a day to celebrate all things strange and wonderful. Happy World Goth Day to everyone!

History of World Goth Day

Goth is a subculture that emerged in the 1980s in England. It rose to prominence as a musical genre known as gothic rock. The aesthetic of goth culture was black clothing and hair, piercings, and even black lipstick! Fashion designers loved gothic fashion, which evolved into a dark take on Victorian fashion. Today, deep red and dark purple are used to symbolize death and the night, just as black is.

The history of World Goth Day can be traced back to 1967, when the music of the Doors was labeled as “Gothic Rock.” This term quickly became popular, and it was used to describe music by Velvet Underground and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The history of goths becoming goths can be traced back to 1764, when Horace Walpole published “The Castle of Otranto,” with the subtitle “A Gothic Story” in its second printing. Gothic horror was regarded as a pleasing extension of romantic literature. It alludes to the romance of the darker aspects of life in some ways.

With time, gothic became an essential part of the musical scene. The Doors pioneered modern gothic music. Gothic styles were then adapted in films, such as “Suspiria” and “Eraserhead” in 1977. However, the gothic culture did not take off in movies and today there are very few movies with gothic plots. Nonetheless, it is a popular and well-loved style. Even if you are not into gothic arts and culture, you will be surprised by how beautiful gothic architecture is — a common form adapted in churches and parliamentary buildings, and a common sight in many major cities around the world.

World Goth Day timeline


Bram Stoker publishes a novel titled “Dracula”, the greatest piece of gothic fiction.

The Cure

The English goth rock band is formed in Crawley, West Sussex.


Tim Burton directs the ghoulish gothic American fantasy comedy film, “Beetlejuice.”

Sophie Lancaster Foundation

The organization campaigns against image-based prejudice, including goths.

World Goth Day FAQs

Why is World Goth Day on May 22?

In May 2009, a U.K. radio station discussed music subcultures. From this discussion, goth music D.Js, Cruel Britannia, and Martin Oldgoth created World Goth Day. They decided the day would fall on May 22.

Who was the first goth person?

The original Goths were a Germanic people known as Visigoths and Ostrogoths, some of whom played significant roles in the Roman Empire’s demise.

What is a goth person like?

Goths are refined and sensitive individuals who enjoy poetry and books but are not interested in drugs or anti-social behavior.

World Goth Day Activities

  1. Read classic gothic literature

    The gothic culture gave birth to some of the most well-known works of literature. Celebrate World Goth Day by reading goth classics like “Dracula,” “Jane Eyre,” or “Wuthering Heights.”

  2. Host a goth party

    Celebrate World Goth Day by throwing your very own goth-themed party. Play goth music and get everyone to dress up in a black outfit and pale makeup. Don’t forget about your goth hairstyle!

  3. Listen to goth music

    The celebrations of World Goth Day are incomplete without grooving to goth music. Spend the day listening to some classic gothic songs by The Cure, The Doors, Velvet Underground, and other artists.

5 Interesting Facts About Goths

  1. Goths love makeup

    Both goth men and women wear makeup, which is typically pale with dark lipstick.

  2. At first, goth was a fandom

    The first goths were fans of the Bauhaus rock band, who were thought to have articulated gothic music.

  3. The word ‘goth’ has a meaning.

    The term ‘goth’ means ‘dark’ or ‘gloomy.’

  4. Black is not the only color

    They also wear white, purple, and red.

  5. “Goth” is a race too

    The Visigoths, or goths, were ancient people from what is now Germany and Scandinavia.

Why We Love World Goth Day

  1. To appreciate goth culture

    We celebrate World Goth Day because we love and appreciate goth culture. The day also allows the unversed to learn more about the subculture, from its origins to cultural manifestations.

  2. To prevent prejudice

    Goths are frequently victims of image-based prejudice due to their unusual style of dressing. World Goth Day, in collaboration with organizations such as the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, works to prevent such discrimination.

  3. Because it is fun

    Celebrating World Goth Day can be a lot of fun. Since the day is celebrated with goth music, literature, cinemas, and outfits, World Goth Day is a day to experiment and try something new.

World Goth Day dates

2024May 22Wednesday
2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday

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