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International Coco Mom Day – May 22, 2025

International Coco Mom Day is observed across the world on May 22. This day was created to honor Black and Brown mothers, who are often overlooked in the workplace. International Coco Mom Day shows just how important they are for our social and economic development. There is a special focus on maternal health concerns and treatments. International Coco Mom Day celebrations offer parenting tools to brown and black moms and information on how to raise children in a color-conscious world. Celebrate motherhood and womanhood by connecting with moms just like you. Happy International Coco Mom Day!

History of International Coco Mom Day

Cocolife has always been a proponent of black maternal wellness. They made it official by declaring May 22 as the official International Coco Mom Day. This is consistent with the organization’s goal of cultivating a Coco Community to support black and brown mothers throughout their pregnancy and beyond. The day will be dedicated to elevating, celebrating, and honoring black and brown mothers across the globe. International Coco Mom Day is the first celebration of its kind.

Black maternal health and wellness continue to be a major concern among medical experts. In fact, American President Biden and Vice President Harris have both expressed concern about the situation. According to U.N. reports, the global maternal mortality ratio stood at 211 deaths per 100,000 live births. If this wasn’t bad enough, the numbers in the black community are far worse, often exceeding national and state maternal mortality rates! The numbers are alarming and more needs to be done to support women and ensure the best maternal health.

Remember that the team at Cocolife has championed the cause through initiatives such as Coco Boxes for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Compassion child loss, the Coco Kid Project, and other helpful resources. Cocolife is a division of Coco Bump, L.L.C., which was founded in July 2019. The organization was established to honor expecting and new mothers. The goal is to ensure the wellness of mothers through each phase and to reduce racial disparities in maternal health.

International Coco Mom Day timeline

Oral Contraceptives

The F.D.A. approves Enovid as a birth control pill.

The Safe Motherhood Initiative

This initiative focuses on the maternal health of mothers in low and mid-income countries.

Singular Focus on Maternal Health

Several countries assign a separate budget for maternal health.

Millennium Development Goals

There is a local and global investment to improve maternal health.

International Coco Mom Day FAQs

What is considered motherhood?

The state or experience of having or raising a child is referred to as motherhood. Motherhood is demonstrated by giving birth and raising a child. Motherhood also includes adopting and raising a child.

What does motherhood symbolize?

Motherhood is wrapped in many cultural meanings. Birthing and nurturing new life physically has led to a conflation of “feminine,” “maternal,” and “feminine spirituality” in many cultures and religious traditions. Motherhood has been portrayed as a sacred and powerful spiritual path.

What is ‘Safe Motherhood?’

The goal of the National Safe Motherhood Program is to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality while also improving maternal and neonatal health through preventive and promotional activities as well as by addressing avoidable factors that cause death during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

International Coco Mom Day Activities

  1. Thank your mother

    Celebrate International Coco Mom Day by thanking your mother. Thank her for the love and selflessness in looking after you. You can also express your appreciation to other mother figures in your life.

  2. Donate to organizations

    A great way to celebrate International Coco Mom Day is by donating money and other items to organizations that work in the field of maternal health. It is especially helpful in low- and middle-income group countries.

  3. Spread the word

    Don’t forget to spread the word about International Coco Mom Day on your social media accounts. Get more people involved in the worthy cause and encourage them to familiarize themselves with maternal health and what they can do to help. Use the hashtag #Internationalcocomomday in your posts.

5 Facts About Pregnancy

  1. The longest recorded pregnancy was 375 days

    That’s nearly 100 days after the average 280-day pregnancy.

  2. Not all mothers are young women.

    The oldest woman to have a baby was 66 years old.

  3. Blood volume in the body increases

    This is because of the extra oxygen needed to support a healthy pregnancy.

  4. One in every 2,000 newborns have teeth

    These natal teeth are removed by a doctor.

  5. Babies can cry in the womb

    Babies can cry in the womb as early as 28 weeks.

Why We Love International Coco Mom Day

  1. It’s a noble cause

    International Coco Mom Day is dedicated to the noble cause of improving maternal health. There is a constant effort to do better, which has helped mothers across generations and races.

  2. It saves lives

    Celebrations such as International Coco Mom Day save lives. The efforts to focus on maternal health ensure that child mortality is prevented and more babies grow up to be healthy adults.

  3. It specializes in individual care

    Every mother's requirements are unique. It varies even across the color divide. International Coco Mom Day encourages individualized care and helps to bridge the racial divide in healthcare.

International Coco Mom Day dates

2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday
2029May 22Tuesday

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