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WedMay 22

World Paloma Day – May 22, 2024

World Paloma Day is celebrated on May 22, so get ready to party the night away as you sip on the delicious Paloma cocktail from Mexico. Haven’t tried the drink yet? Now is the perfect time to do so!

History of World Paloma Day

Though there are numerous cocktail drinks available in America, there is always room for one more — especially if the drink is as delicious as a paloma! Made with grapefruit soda, tequila, and some lime, the refreshing alcoholic beverage has long been the national drink of Mexico. Though consumption of this drink is not as common in the U.S., the country is slowly catching up to its tangy flavors after World Paloma Day was founded by the brand Cenote Tequila in 2019. The special day is meant to recognize the famous Mexican drink and celebrate the unique taste and originality it brings to the table.

To highlight the launch of World Paloma Day, Cenote introduced a Paloma Bar pop-up on the parade organized to commemorate the day with a bang in 2019. The celebrations were taken up a notch in 2020 by the tequila brand Jose Cuervo as they launched a charitable cocktail for World Paloma Day. What was so special about Jose Cuervo’s Paloma, you ask? Well, the bottled beverage was released to provide people with a cocktail at home! This move was also taken keeping in mind the spread of COVID-19 and the social distancing guidelines recommended by the health sector. The profits collected from the sales of the drink were donated to The Drinks Trust — a venture that has been providing support, care, and assistance to the workforce of the drinks industry since 1886.

Are you craving the yummy drink yet? If not, you will definitely be heading to the nearest bar after you are done reading this article.

World Paloma Day timeline

The First Step

The U.S. launches the first grapefruit soda.

The Core Ingredient

Grapefruit sodas are introduced in Mexico.

The Celebrity Drink

Tequilas become popular.

The Star of the Show

Palomas receive international recognition.

World Paloma Day FAQs

Is a paloma a common drink in America?

Paloma is quite popular in Texas.

What are the ingredients of a paloma?

Paloma is a balanced mix of tequila and grapefruit juice. 

How many calories are in a paloma?

A paloma has around 65 calories.

How to Celebrate World Paloma Day

  1. Share on social media

    Go out, drink a paloma, take pictures, and upload them on social media with the hashtags #WorldPalomaDay and #CenoteTequila.

  2. Go barhopping

    Since bars across the U.S. will be serving the drink, this is the best time to go barhopping with your pals and try out different variations of the cocktail.

  3. Experiment

    Think you can make a better Paloma? Start experimenting and make your own version of the drink. Also, don’t forget to share the recipe on social media.

5 Fun Facts About The Paloma

  1. Serve it right

    It is served in a highball glass.

  2. Symbolizing peace

    ‘Paloma’ means ‘dove’ in Spanish.

  3. Eat the spiciest foods

    Palomas can help reduce the spiciness of Mexican food.

  4. Interesting rumors

    Some people say palomas were created by Don Javier Delgado, who was also the creator of the batanga cocktail.

  5. The traditional recipe

    The true way of serving a paloma is on the rocks.

Why World Paloma Day is Important

  1. A look into Mexican culture

    Since each culture has its own version of food and drinks, palomas reflect the taste and flavor that defines the essence of Mexico.

  2. Opportunity for a fun night out

    Special days like these give people an opportunity to step out with friends and enjoy a fun night out. It's a social event that does the job of connecting people.

  3. The more the merrier

    Who doesn’t want a variety of interesting drinks at their disposal? World Paloma Day performs the role of introducing paloma cocktails to the world.

World Paloma Day dates

2024May 22Wednesday
2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday

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