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WedJun 19

National Martini Day – June 19, 2024

Do you prefer it dry, dirty, shaken, or not stirred? That’s the question we’re all asking on National Martini Day, a special occasion to enjoy your favorite version of the classic martini cocktail. The martini was originally called “The Martinez,” named after the California Gold Rush for the town of Martinez, where it was invented. Early martinis were made with wine, gin, and an olive. But since have expanded to many exciting flavors! So this June 19 take a moment to relax while sipping on a new type of martini after your long day and start feeling like the international spy of mystery that you are.

National Martini Day timeline

First Published

A recipe for the sweet drink is first published in the “Bartender’s Manual.”

The Manhattan

The martini begins with the Manhattan, which combines spirits and vermouth.

Vodka Martini

The vodka martini is first referred to in a cocktail recipe book titled “Bottoms Up.”

Three-Martini Lunch

The three-martini lunch becomes a common practice for cosmopolitan executives and businessmen.

National Martini Day Activities

  1. Try making a martini (for the first time) at home

    If you haven't made your self a martini at home ever try one of our recipes to test out the classic martini. If you already are a cocktail master, take today to try out a new one you've never tasted. Espresso martini, gin martini, cranberry martini, lemon martini, grapefruit martini: the possibilities are endless.

  2. Go out a martini at a bar

    Text your friends for an after work meet-up. Bonus points if you can find a cocktail bar with a piano and a lounge singer, because the only thing that makes drinking a martini better, is drinking it in the proper lounge setting.

  3. Buy yourself or a friend a martini related gift

    Do you need a mixer set to get started in your mixology adventure? Buy cocktails ingredients and bring them over to a friends house. Because, in reality, the enjoyment of drinking cocktails is truly about the company you keep.

Why We Love National Martini Day

  1. Martinis highlight the flavor of gin

    If you're not a gin fan you might have some trouble loving a martini, but if you do like gin, the martini is the essential drink to highlight the flavor of juniper berries and complement it with new and interesting flavors such as grapefruit or even espresso.

  2. Martinis are easy to make

    You only need eight things on hand to make a perfect martini: ice, a martini glass, a shot glass, a shaker, a strainer, vermouth, gin, and a garnish. Its so simple you can make them at home: try it out this National Martini Day.

  3. Martinis are fun

    Martinis conjure up all sorts of images of high class ladies, James bond spies and adventure. You can take advantage of this and have a martini party or outing themed specifically towards the fun that automatically arrives when you order a Martini.

National Martini Day dates

2024June 19Wednesday
2025June 19Thursday
2026June 19Friday
2027June 19Saturday
2028June 19Monday

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