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National FreeBSD Day – June 19, 2025

National FreeBSD Day celebrated on June 19 every year is a special tribute to honor and pay our respects and support to ‘The FreeBSD’ Project’s pioneering legacy and continuing impact on technology. FreeBSD is an operating system for a variety of platforms that the modern world still runs on today. Did you know that FreeBSD is absolutely free of cost? Yes, while you might expect an operating system this famous to sell for a high price, FreeBSD is available free of charge and comes with the source code. Let’s learn more about this operating system and software.

History of National FreeBSD Day

For those who are still wondering what FreeBSD is, let’s break it up for you. FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system developed by the University of California at Berkley in 1993. It was a ground-breaking invention in open-source technology because FreeBSD can be modified and redesigned to meet the needs of the user, free of charge within the guidelines of the license.

Since then FreeBSD has reached great heights and has been hailed by many as the most popular and reliable free and open-source BSD-based operating system invented. Regardless of whether a person is familiar with FreeBSD or not, whether they knew it or not, they probably already use the plethora of services and products that use code derived from it. It is now being used on the servers of top tech companies including Netflix for streaming your favorite movies, WhatApp for communicating with your loved ones in any corner of the world in an instant, and is also used in the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console for its awesome features. In fact, can you believe that Apple’s macOS is based on BSD? Yes! This is why it’s probably a good idea to observe National FreeBSD Day every year.

FreeBSD Foundation founded National FreeBSD Day with the main aim to recognize its pioneering and continuing impact on technology and honor its legacy. So, if you’re a tech and education enthusiast and love FreeBSD, you are probably using it on your computers now. This calls for a celebration!

National FreeBSD Day timeline

Bob Acquires Unix Source License

Professor Bob acquires a Unix Source license from AT&T.

The Development of FreeBSD

FreeBSD is developed at the University of California at Berkley.

The Most Popular O.S.

FreeBSD becomes the most popular open-source BSD operating system.

The Official National FreeBSD Day

The date June 19 is officially observed as the first National FreeBSD Day.

National FreeBSD Day FAQs

Is FreeBSD better than Linux?

FreeBSD is generally faster than Linux because FreeBSD is a complete system and it has lower latency than Linux. This means it can process inputs faster.

Is FreeBSD good for programming?

FreeBSD is an awesome platform for development. The kernel source of FreeBSD is clean and more understandable than most of the other open-source operating systems. So, it is worth programming.

How to install FreeBSD?

A simple way to install FreeBSD is by getting a CD. Get the latest FreeBSD CD and insert it into your computer. Give the necessary permissions and move forward with the process.

National FreeBSD Day Activities

  1. Let people know

    The best thing you can do to celebrate National FreeBSD Day is by introducing someone to FreeBSD. You can show them the various FreeBSD manuals and guides available on the internet and help them learn.

  2. Donate to the foundation

    One of the impactful ways in which you can celebrate National FreeBSD Day is by donating to the FreeBSD Foundation. By donating to the foundation, you are potentially contributing to research and development.

  3. Share your story

    If you’re someone who has used or is still using FreeBSD in your life to carry out any activities, share your story with the world and tell us your stories. Use the hashtag #FreeBSDDay.

5 Facts About FreeBSD That Are Insane

  1. Microsoft approves

    Computers that run Microsoft Windows can also be used to run FreeBSD.

  2. It supports a lot of applications

    FreeBSD supports hundreds of thousands of applications for desktop, server appliances, etc.

  3. You can even change the code

    FreeBSD is open source, so you can even download the source code and change it.

  4. Installing FreeBSD is simple

    FreeBSD can be installed from CD-ROM, DVD, or directly over the network using FTP.

  5. The one-million-dollar donation

    FreeBSD Foundation received a one million USD donation from the CEO of WhatsApp.

Why We Love National FreeBSD Day

  1. It supports something that’s improved our lives

    National FreeBSD Day is a much-needed holiday that supports and honors something that has made everyone’s lives better. By observing this day, we honor the effort and dedication behind it.

  2. It’s a game changer

    Looking at the impact that FreeBSD has on our lives today, it is more than just an open-source operating system, it is an emotion! This is something that touches us at least at one point in our lives.

  3. It is a boost-up

    FreeBSD is developed and still maintained by a volunteer team located around the world. The developers may have not met each other in person. So, why not celebrate and support them?

National FreeBSD Day dates

2025June 19Thursday
2026June 19Friday
2027June 19Saturday
2028June 19Monday
2029June 19Tuesday

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