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National Watch Day
WedJun 19

National Watch Day – June 19, 2024

Did you know June 19 is National Watch Day? Why has a day specifically been dedicated to watches, you ask? It’s because, without the invention, there would be no way of telling the time on the go. This portable device has benefited the way humankind functions. It is also an invention that ensures every action is taken at the right time. After all, time is money! Let’s dig into the history of watches and find out how much the device affects our daily routines.

History of National Watch Day

Watches have existed in the world for decades and, with each year that passes, the design and use of the innovation evolves. For instance, there are numerous types of watch dials available such as automatic watches, sports watches that can even be used for time races, military watches, space watches, and modern fashion watches. Let’s not forget smartwatches that are all the rage today due to their ability to connect to our mobile devices. Yes, watches have changed over the past hundred years, but their main use remains the same — to tell the time.

Watches are also luxury items that often complement our personalities. This is why a watch has become a popular gift item, as well as a family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. Due to the importance watches hold in our lives and the rich history that defines their existence, National Watch Day was formed in 2017. The day was created by Nordstrom, an American luxury department store chain that sells clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics, watches, and numerous other items. To promote the watch line available at the Nordstrom store, the idea of National Watch Day was pitched. Some of the famous brands available for sale at the store include Tissot, Ted Baker, Movado, Rado, and several others.

National Watch Day timeline

The Great Innovation

The first pocket watch is created in bronze.

Wrist it Up

The first modern wristwatch is designed by Patek Philippe & Co.

Fighting Time

Men begin to wear wristwatches during World War I.

Time to Swim

Rolex releases the first water-resistant watch.

National Watch Day FAQs

Why is it called a watch?

The word ‘watch means’ ‘to keep alert.’ The time-telling device is called a watch since it alerts us of the current time.

What is the point of a watch?

The basic purpose of a watch is to tell the current time. This aids in day-to-day tasks as well as business activities. 

How many types of watches are there?

There are about 20 watch types. However, some of them are similar in function and use. 

How to Celebrate National Watch Day

  1. Buy yourself a watch

    To celebrate the day, head out and buy yourself a watch! Numerous stores might be offering some great discounts to mark the day and you will be able to get a good deal.

  2. Gift a watch

    Since a watch holds sentimental value and is a device that can be worn every day, it is also one of the best gifts you can give to someone you love. Not only will you be celebrating the day, but you will also make a loved one happy!

  3. Host a webinar

    Want to increase your social media presence? Celebrate National Watch Day by hosting a webinar that explains the history and importance of watches. Remember, a lot of research needs to be done before you go live.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Watches

  1. The most popular color

    Black watches are the most common.

  2. Top-selling watch

    The Apple Watch is a global hit and one of the best-selling watches.

  3. Paul Newman’s watch

    Actor Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona was sold for $5.4 million.

  4. The watch that traveled to space

    The Omega Speedmaster was worn by American and Russian astronauts in space.

  5. The most complicated mechanical watch

    Vacheron Constantin’s pocket watch took eight years for research, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Why National Watch Day is Important

  1. It recognizes the watch industry

    National Watch Day is important since it recognizes the watch industry, watchmakers, retailers, and the numerous watch designers that have been putting their heart and soul into the creation of watches for years.

  2. It increases sales

    Due to this day, sales of watches across the country increase. This increases the profits of various brands and boosts the economy.

  3. It's a look into the past

    Since the history of watchmaking is brought to the forefront on this day, it actually has an educational purpose. It also provides knowledge regarding the time, money, and research that is invested into perfecting the current watches we wear.

National Watch Day dates

2024June 19Wednesday
2025June 19Thursday
2026June 19Friday
2027June 19Saturday
2028June 19Monday

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