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National VTuber Day – May 25, 2024

National VTuber Day, celebrated every May 25, is a day for appreciating VTubers around the world. A virtual YouTuber, sometimes known as a VTuber, is an online performer who employs a computer-generated avatar. To capture movement, real-time motion capture technology or software is commonly employed, though not always. The majority of VTubers are Japanese and English-speaking live streamers or YouTubers who use avatar designs, a digital craze that began in Japan in the mid-2010s and has since become an international internet phenomenon.

History of National VTuber Day

Nitroplus began broadcasting videos on its YouTube channel on February 12, 2010, showcasing an illustrated 3D version of its mascot Super Sonico, who would mainly communicate to the audience about herself or the upcoming Nitroplus titles. Weathernews Inc., a Japanese firm, presented Weatheroid Type A Airi, a Vocaloid-styled character, on SOLiVE24, a 24-hour weather live cast on Nico Nico Douga, YouTube, and their website in 2012. Airi started her own solo show every Thursday in 2014, and then began live coverage with motion capture.

Kizuna AI, the first popular VTuber, debuted on YouTube in late 2016. Kizuna AI, built by digital production house Activ8 and voiced by Nozomi Kasuga, gave followers a sense of “genuine intimacy” by responding to their questions. The rapid popularity of Kizuna Al inspired a VTuber trend. Following its initial success in Japan, the fad began to spread abroad thanks to the popularity of anime and manga.

VTubers frequently dress up as kayfabe characters, similar to professional wrestling. Mace, a WWE wrestler who started streaming on Twitch as a VTuber in 2021, said the two professions were “essentially the same thing.” VTubers are connected with Japanese aesthetics and popular culture like anime and manga as well as moe anthropomorphism with human or non-human characteristics.

National VTuber Day timeline

The Mid 2010s
The Origin of VTubers

A digital trend called VTube originates in Japan.

The Origin of the Phrase ‘Virtual YouTuber’

Kizuna Al becomes the first content creator to use the phrase ‘virtual YouTuber.’

The Active VTube Users

The number of active VTubers rises to more than 10,000.

May 2021
National VTuber Day is Set

The National VTuber Day is created by Peter Lasalandra.

National VTuber Day FAQs

Why do VTubers conceal their identity?

VTubers hide their real identities not just for privacy reasons, but also to maintain the image of their established character lore or personality.

What's the difference between a VTuber and a YouTuber?

Unlike YouTubers who usually have an open camera to show their face during a stream, VTubers use anime-styled avatars.

How do VTubers control their avatars?

VRoid Studio, which is an extremely popular app, allows users to create a custom avatar for free. These programs use motion-capture technology to track their movements and facial expressions and adjust their avatar accordingly.

National VTuber Day Activities

  1. Go on a VTube marathon

    What better day than today to check out VTube with friends and family? You can even start binging some anime or manga alone if that’s your thing.

  2. Learn something new about VTubers

    Grab this day as an opportunity to do some research on your favorite VTuber. Find out about their origin story, and enjoy their content all day long.

  3. Recommend your favorite content to others

    Gather in online chat rooms and discuss the latest VTube content with folks. Suggest some of your favorite anime and manga to your friends and ask them for their recommendations.

5 Interesting Facts About VTubers

  1. VTubers use several apps

    VTubers use a number of apps like Twitch, Niconico, and Bilibili in addition to YouTube.

  2. VTubers use anthropomorphic avatars

    Anthropomorphic avatars, or non-human characters like animals, are used by some VTubers.

  3. Online harassment in VTube communities is shunned

    ANYCOLOR established an ‘Aggressive Acts and Slander Countermeasure Team’ in September 2020 to provide counseling to victims of harassment and seek legal action against harassers.

  4. The most subscribed VTuber

    Gawr Gura, a participant of Hololive's first English branch, surpassed Kizuna Ai as the most subscribed VTuber on YouTube in July 2021.

  5. Inspired by the idol industry

    The phrase ‘graduation’ is also a remnant from the idol industry, used to describe a streamer's character retirement and/or departure from an agency.

Why We Love National VTuber Day

  1. It promotes cultural diversity

    Through anime and manga, Japanese stories, lifestyles, and cultures have captured the interest of people across the world. People enjoy getting to know about this new language and their lifestyle.

  2. It makes online entertainers feel safe

    The real people behind the animated facades of VTubers feel more confident as they are free from the viewers’ expectations about their appearance. Unlike entertainers from other platforms, they are not required to put on makeup or dress a certain way to get ‘camera-ready.’

  3. It promotes technology as entertainment

    Gone are the days when stories were only found in books or jokes in comic books. Go online and enjoy getting entertained by your favorite VTubers.

National VTuber Day dates

2024May 25Saturday
2025May 25Sunday
2026May 25Monday
2027May 25Tuesday
2028May 25Thursday

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