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SunMay 25

National Cody Day – May 25, 2025

National Cody Day on May 25 is a day that has been designated to make all the Codys of the world feel special. Are you wondering why? Well, it’s because the name has a history and has been quite famous for decades. So if you are a Cody, it means your parents kept up with the trend to give you one of the most famous names in American history. What should you do today? Well, you should celebrate in any way you can! In case you know a Cody, make sure you make the day special for them.

History of National Cody Day

Cody is a short and easy-to-pronounce name that has made waves in America for decades. Yes, this is a popular baby boy name mainly used in Christian nations. Even though there is no bibliographical meaning behind the name, it has a western ring to it. Hence, the name is a rare find amongst people residing in South Asia. The catchy boy’s name has its origins in Gaelic and translates into ‘cushion.’

Well, if you were looking for a deep meaning behind the name, it’s time we burst your bubble! But fret not — while the name might have an intriguing meaning, it sounds very masculine. No wonder the Social Security Administration data stated it was the 312th most popular boys’ name in the U.S. in 2021. Data also reveals that 19,875 babies were named Cody in 1992. However, the popularity of the name has seemingly declined since it was in the top 25 in the 1990s.

While the rest of the Western world still admires the name, statistics reveal that Alabama is not so fond of Cody. According to the 2010 U.S. Social Security Administration data, only 54 babies were named Cody in Alabama. While on the other hand, the name Cody was super popular in South Dakota in 1992. 106 babies were assigned the name that year! Cody may also be spelled in different ways, such as Coady, Codee, Codi, Codie, Codey, Kodi, Kodie, Kody, Coty, and Koty.

National Cody Day timeline

Working Hard

The top name of men and women hired as laborers is Cody.

Wonder Man

American professional wrestler Cody Rhodes is born.

Making the List

Cody is in the ‘Top 25’ most popular boys' names in the U.S.

Fading Away

Cody is the 297th most popular name in the U.S.

National Cody Day FAQs

Who is the American nightmare in W.W.E.?

Cody Rhodes is a wrestler who is known as ‘the American nightmare.’

What is Kody short for?

Kody is just an Americanized spelling of Cody.

What is the rarest guy's name?

The rarest name for a male is Rome.

National Cody Day Activities

  1. Give free t-shirts to a Cody

    How many people do you know with the name Cody? Make them feel special by getting their name printed on t-shirts they can wear throughout the day.

  2. Promote the day on social media

    Use this opportunity to promote the day on social media, so people become aware of it. Why is this important? So that people with the name Cody can feel special!

  3. Take a photo with a Cody

    If you are friends with someone named Cody or end up running into someone with the name on this day, make sure you take a photo with them and honor their existence by posting it on your social media handles. They will remember you forever.

5 Facts About Cody

  1. Name and gender

    Cody is a unisex name.

  2. The meaning of Cody in Irish

    Cody means a “decent and helpful one.”

  3. Immigrants who were Cody

    Roughly 13,000 people had the last name Cody.

  4. Cody in a T.V. show

    Cody Martin is a character in the Disney T.V. series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

  5. Son of a star

    Robin Williams named his son Cody.

Why We Love National Cody Day

  1. It tells us all about the famous Codys

    We love the day because it tells us about the hundreds of stars named Cody that have ever existed in the world. And yes, having the same name as someone famous does make one feel special.

  2. It’s fun

    The day is super fun — especially for a Cody. This is because it’s their special day, and they get to celebrate it in any way they want. Gifts may even be sent by some thoughtful friends.

  3. It gives insight into the origins

    The day is important because it gives a detailed insight into the origins of the name, its popularity, and its meaning. For instance, who knew Cody meant cushion?

National Cody Day dates

2025May 25Sunday
2026May 25Monday
2027May 25Tuesday
2028May 25Thursday
2029May 25Friday

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