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SunMay 25

Geek Pride Day – May 25, 2025

Geek Pride Day is celebrated on May 25 every year. This international holiday promotes the culture, hobbies, and interests of geeks worldwide. Once a niche movement, geek culture has gone mainstream, thanks to its contribution to popular culture. In recent years, the world has seen increased media based on comic books, novels, role-playing games, tabletop games, video games, and even trading card games. Obscure things like cosplaying are now part of everyday life. These things were seen as childish and sometimes downright shameful in the past, but not anymore.

History of Geek Pride Day

Geek culture has broken away from the old stereotypes of socially awkward tech nerds and evolved into something relatable. Before superhero movies and television shows based on fantasy novels, being called a geek wasn’t a good thing. Geeks were seen as anti-social, awkward, unpopular members of society who took comfort in the world of make-believe. Popular culture enforced this notion throughout the 80s and 90s, with teen movies depicting geeks as the lowest ranking members of the student body. The image of a pimply bespectacled nerd in a dress shirt and pants is still fresh in the minds of many. It’s now considered normal, even fashionable, to be a geek.

Silicon Valley played a significant role in the world embracing geeks and geek culture in the early and mid-2000s. With their charismatic rockstar personalities, people like Steve Jobs showed everyone that not all geeks fit the Hollywood stereotype. Larry Page and Sergey Brin proved being a geek could be a successful and financially rewarding venture, as did Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Slowly but surely, geeks became celebrities, people worthy of emulating and idolizing. Modern-day geeks like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos embody this geek culture best of all. They are the poster boys of geeks everywhere, inspiring admiration and envy in equal measures.

The first Geek Pride Day was organized in 2006 by Germán Martínez, a Spanish blogger. The internet and media attention helped the holiday grow. In 2008, the U.S. began celebrating Geek Pride Day. The holiday celebrates the evolution and growth of geek culture worldwide, embracing the hobbies and interests geeks hold dear. From anime and manga to building gaming PCs and painting figurines, geek culture has entered its golden age.

Geek Pride Day timeline

Geeks Enter Popular Culture

Geeks are introduced into mainstream media in sitcoms and movies.

The Dot-com Era

The 90s geek is more casual and laid back, not as buttoned-up as before.

The Rise of Geeks

The start of a new millennium is also the start of a paradigm shift for geek culture.

Geek Culture Goes Mainstream

After years of being used for cheap comedy, geeks finally go mainstream and wear the badge of geek culture with pride.

Geek Pride Day FAQs

What does ‘geek’ mean?

A geek is a person who is an enthusiast or expert in something, such as science or technology.

Why is May 25 Geek Pride Day?

May 25, 1977, is when the science fiction cult classic film “Star Wars” premiered. It’s the perfect day to celebrate Geek Pride Day.

What is a geek hobby?

Geek hobbies range from electronics and robotics to role-playing games, video games, reading comic books, and even watching anime or collecting items.

Geek Pride Day Activities

  1. Watch a geeky movie

    Science fiction films remain a favorite with geeks everywhere. There’s also medieval fantasy and anime, the gateway media of modern-day geek culture.

  2. Read a comic

    Not all comics are about superheroes. Today, there are dozens of genres to choose from, like crime, history, war, and much more.

  3. Play a video game

    Just about every geek today is an avid gamer. Many have made professional careers out of it, earning millions of fans and making lots of money.

5 Surprising Facts About Geeks

  1. They have a patron saint

    St. Expedite is the unofficial patron saint of hackers, tech nerds, and geeks.

  2. Millions of American geeks

    About 17% of Americans identify as geeks.

  3. Being considered a ‘geek’ is a compliment

    About 66% of millennials think the term ‘geek’ is a compliment.

  4. Video game designers are proud geeks

    About 65% of video game designers identify as geeks.

  5. Superman is a geek

    “Man of Steel” and “Witcher” actor Henry Cavill is a confessed geek who plays video games and paints Warhammer 40K figurines.

Why We Love Geek Pride Day

  1. It releases our inner geek

    We all have something we’re a little bit obsessed with and can talk about for hours on end. Geek Pride Day allows us to tap into our obsession and release our inner geek.

  2. It reminds us to be kind

    While it was once an offensive term, being a geek is no longer a bad thing but something to be celebrated. However, there are still some bullies who look down on geeks but today serves as a good reminder to be kind to everyone. Geeks are people too.

  3. Geek culture accommodates everyone

    From live-action role players and gamers to tech nerds and bookworms, geek culture offers something of interest to everyone. It is such an inclusive community, and we love celebrating that.

Geek Pride Day dates

2025May 25Sunday
2026May 25Monday
2027May 25Tuesday
2028May 25Thursday
2029May 25Friday

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