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International Dawn Chorus Day – May 4, 2025

International Dawn Chorus Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. This year it is celebrated on May 4. It’s a day set aside for those who appreciate nature’s sounds and look forward to rising at dawn to listen to the sweet music of different birds. Birds such as the Song Thrush are known to have the most confident voice and are the earliest to start singing. The Blackbird instead is known for its low-pitched voice, the Robin, for its clear and beautiful songs, and the Blackcap is known to start its songs as a chattering warble before breaking into louder and clearer notes.

History of International Dawn Chorus Day

International Dawn Chorus Day started as a small annual event in Birmingham in the 1980s. The first Dawn Chorus Day was organized by Chris Baines who was an environmentalist and broadcaster. He celebrated his birthday at 4 am so his guests could listen to the dawn chorus, that is, when birds sing at the start of a new day. The day has grown into a global celebration and is observed in the United Kingdom, some parts of Antarctica, and the Caribbean. Nowadays you don’t need to be surrounded by the countryside to partake in Dawn Chorus Day, you can do it in the city as they too have songbirds of their own.

International Dawn Chorus Day is marked by the Wildlife Trust and is a very good opportunity for nature lovers to come together at dawn and listen to the music of the birds as they sing to the rising sun. Apart from the cooing of pigeons, you would still be able to hear the songs of blackbirds and robins, the laughing calls of herring gulls, and the chatter of house sparrows, to mention a few.

In 2021, the Wildlife Trust celebrated the holiday by organizing scheduled events where guests were advised to arrive before dawn and choose a suitable spot so they were in the perfect position to enjoy the music.

International Dawn Chorus Day timeline

66 Million Years Ago
The First Birds

The oldest found fossil records belonging to birds are discovered.

Wildlife Trust

The Urban Wildlife Group establishes the trust.

The First Dawn Chorus Day

Baines, who is a broadcaster, hosts the first Dawn Chorus Day.

Symphony Hall

The Symphony Hall, a 2,262-seater concert venue in Birmingham, officially opens.

International Dawn Chorus Day FAQs

What time is dawn chorus?

Dawn Chorus runs for half an hour before and after sunrise.

Why do birds chirp in the morning?

The birds that chirp are mostly male, it’s one way for them to mark their territory or try to attract a mate.

Which bird has the prettiest song?

Most people agree that the Wood Thrush has the most beautiful song in North America.

International Dawn Chorus Day Activities

  1. Wake up before dawn

    You have to wake up early to listen to the singing of the songbirds at dawn. Once you hear the beautiful melody, you’ll want to repeat the experience.

  2. Invite friends

    Experiencing that beautiful moment alone won’t be as memorable as experiencing it with friends. Invite friends over to your place so you have someone to share the moment with.

  3. Spread the word

    There are still some people that don’t know what International Dawn Chorus Day is. Share what you know about the day and you may encourage someone else to appreciate songbirds.

5 Interesting Facts About Singing

  1. Your vocal cords should be tight

    Your vocal cord works best when its muscles are tight.

  2. Almost everyone can sing

    Most people would be able to sing if they practiced.

  3. It’s easier to sing standing up

    Due to the way we breathe, it’s easier to sing standing up than sitting down.

  4. Singing with others makes you happy

    It’s been proven that singing with other people brings us joy.

  5. The shape of the throat can change

    If they train it enough, singers can change the shape of their throats.

Why We Love International Dawn Chorus Day

  1. We love nature

    International Dawn Chorus Day reminds us to get out of the house and appreciate nature. The best way to experience the day is to be in the birds’ natural habitat.

  2. We love a good melody

    Listening to songbirds sing so melodiously is a great way to start our day. The birds sing so beautifully and so in sync that we wish we could listen to them throughout the day.

  3. A day to identify birds

    Different species of birds present a variety of tunes. International Dawn Chorus Day is an opportunity to identify birds by the sound they make.

International Dawn Chorus Day dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 7Sunday
2024May 5Sunday
2025May 4Sunday
2026May 3Sunday

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