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National Justice Day – May 3, 2025

National Justice Day, celebrated on May 3, seeks to honor all who answer to the name ‘Justice’ and inform us about the popularity and variations of the name. ‘Justice’ is one of those words everyone has heard of but is confused for something else. It is an English name that means ‘just,’ ‘righteous,’ or ‘upright.’ It is surprising that even with its wholesome and honorable meaning, there aren’t many people bearing it. Perhaps, this might be because parents do not want their children to be confused! Either way, read on to find out more about the history of this wonderful name.

History of National Justice Day

Generally speaking, the name ‘Justice’ is a form of the Biblical name ‘Justus.’ It is found in the New Testament and has been modified over the years to sound and be spelled in many ways. Some reports said that ‘Justice’ originates from the occupational name given to judges in olden days France. Wherever it happens to originate from, the name has a lot of variations that may have stripped it of its Biblical or occupational affiliation. For instance, when it is given to boys, the name can come as it is, or as Justin, Justis, Juste, Justyn, Jost, Jobst, and many other ways. When given to girls, it appears either as Justus or Justyse.

From the late 20th century through the 21st century, ‘Justice’ has not seen much acceptance in the West as a baby name. It’s highest ranking for boys in the U.S. is 320, which was in 1996. For girls, it managed to be the 261st most popular name in the U.S. in 1995. Sadly, its usage for girls drastically dropped in the 2020s, where it ranked as the 741st most popular name in 2021.

Even as lowly ranked as the name is, there are several celebrities and would-be celebrities that bear the name. For example, the former American baseball player, David Justice, who began his career early and strong; the Zimbabwean cricket player Chamu Chibhabha, who so loved the name that he uses it as a nickname; and the American footballer, Justice Cunningham. Aside from these celebrities, there are many other young and upcoming ‘Justices’ who would likely propagate the name in the not-so-distant future.

National Justice Day timeline

12th Century
Metonymic Use of 'Justice'

'Justice' begins to be used as a metonym for judges.

A Rewarding Performance

Justice is awarded the National League's Rookie of the Year Award for his performance in the later parts of the season.

The Last to Be Selected but Celebrated

Cunningham becomes Mr. Irrelevant when he was chosen as the 254th player to be drafted for the N.F.L.

A Chosen Leader

The Zimbabwean Cricket team names Chibhabha as the captain of Zimbabwe's squad on an interim basis.

National Justice Day FAQs

Is 'justice' a noun or adjective?

‘Justice’ can be both a noun or pronoun depending on where and how it is used. It is an adjective when used to describe one’s profession such as a judge. It is a noun when given to or adopted by a person.

Is 'Justice' a real last name?

‘Justice’ is a legitimate last name as it is for the celebrity, David Justice. It will also be the last name for the children of individuals named ‘Justice.’

What Japanese name means Justice?

The Japanese name, ‘Matoya,’ means ‘Justice.’

National Justice Day Activities

  1. Practice what the name implies

    A good way to celebrate this day is to imbibe the meaning of the day in one's dealings. Resolve to apply justice in whatever you do today.

  2. Appreciate all Justices

    If you know anyone with the name, today will be a great day to appreciate and be extraordinarily kind to them. If you don't know anyone, then, at least, be just to everyone.

  3. Share it online

    Post about the day on social media using the hashtag #NationalJusticeDay, #JusticeDay, or #TheDayForJustice. Shout out to Justices worldwide.

5 Facts About Justice You Should Know

  1. Very uncommon

    The name is one of the most uncommon and unpopular names in the U.S.

  2. It is gender-neutral

    Both boys and girls can bear the name.

  3. Celebrities love it

    Celebrities like Zac Brown, Jensen Ackles, and John Mellencamp named their daughters 'Justice.'

  4. People's views

    People consider the name to be formal, wholesome, strong, strange, and of course, serious.

  5. Confused with an occupational title

    'Justice' is often confused with the occupational title given to judges, compelling bearers to explain that they are not judges per se.

Why We Love National Justice Day

  1. It has an honorable meaning

    The meaning of the name is honorable and implies a virtue all of us should have, regardless of our names. Dig deep into the meaning behind your name on this day.

  2. It is fun

    Many people bearing the name will be revered and celebrated. This reverence or celebration could be in the form of a surprise fun activity we'd love to be a part of.

  3. It creates clarity

    Celebrating this day helps to refine people's understanding that not all people called 'Justice' are judges and that there are those who bear the name from birth. Play a game with your friends and see if you can come up with any new names on this day.

National Justice Day dates

2025May 3Saturday
2026May 3Sunday
2027May 3Monday
2028May 3Wednesday
2029May 3Thursday

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