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FriMay 3

National Garden Meditation Day – May 3, 2024

National Garden Meditation Day is celebrated every year on May 3. It is the practice of taking time out from one’s hectic routine and going to a garden, picking a nice spot, and then meditating to relax your mind and body. Meditation gardens are exclusively designed to cut you off from the outside world and allow you to focus on your inner peace. They are natural spaces with natural triggers like gentle trickles of water, which help to calm your mind and help you focus. The day provides a reminder that people need a time out now and then to relax, be rejuvenated, and get in touch with nature.

History of National Garden Meditation Day

The concept of meditation is ancient. Evidence of its existence and practice date back to the 5th and 6th centuries in the South Asian cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism. In the 19th century, when Asian cultures spread worldwide, the concept of meditation was among the fastest to be adopted by people from western countries.

With meditation came the idea of making spaces that are conducive to meditation. As a result, people started designing traditional landscapes like exotic gardens with ponds, wind chimes, and soft music. The essence of garden meditation comes from the Chinese and Japanese cultures, and their gardens have often been displayed in western countries. Asian texts on meditation are considered the most notable.

The fact that garden meditation became an annual practice in the U.S. is thanks to C. L. Fornari, who is also known as ‘Garden Lady.’ Fornari is a gardening artist who believes that gardens and gardening help us to connect with ourselves and with nature. She pointed out that caring for plants, planting seeds, and simply talking to plants help us connect with our inner selves and bring us a deeper understanding of ourselves and what our minds and bodies need to feel better.

Although the actual origins of this day are unclear, and there is not much need to figure it out. It would be fair to say that National Garden Meditation Day has been celebrated since at least 2000. As the awareness of garden meditation spreads, more and more people will be drawn towards it.

National Garden Meditation Day timeline

Earliest times
The Birth of Meditation

Researchers are of the view that meditation has been part of human lives since the beginning of time.

5th Century B.C.
Confucianism and Taoism Play Their Part

Meditation becomes a significant part of religion with the arrival of other forms of meditation from Confucianism and Taoism.

19th Century
Asian Cultures Spread Worldwide

With the migration of people from Asia to other parts of the world, especially the U.S., the concepts of meditation and garden meditation arrive in the U.S.

National Garden Meditation Day

C.L. Fornari, a.k.a. the Garden Lady, introduces Garden Meditation — the event catches attention and becomes an annual event.

National Garden Meditation Day FAQs

What is the purpose of meditation?

Meditation is designed to help you relax and achieve a tranquil frame of mind. It’s a way of eliminating the jumbled thoughts that lead to stress.

Why is meditation good for you?

There are loads of mental health benefits to meditation, including better concentration, greater self-esteem, and even increased pain tolerance.

How should I decorate my garden for meditation?

Remember, it is not about how but what you need in your garden to assist you in meditating properly. For some, a traditional Asian-style garden does the trick, for others, a simple lawn with good ventilation works. Decorate it with whatever helps you attain the peace of mind you’re striving for.

National Garden Meditation Day Activities

  1. Do some gardening

    Meditation is not just sitting idle, cross-legged, searching for inner peace. If you have a garden at home, take some time out to care for the plants, or make a small personal garden today.

  2. Visit a garden

    If you don’t have a garden at home, leave work early and go to a garden in the evening. Take a short walk and breathe in the fresh air.

  3. Meditate

    It is okay if you don’t have a garden and cannot go to a garden. Just pick a spot that is as close to nature as possible, and relax your mind and body. Breathe in the positivity!

5 Fascinating Facts About Meditation

  1. 20 minutes is enough

    You do not need to meditate for prolonged periods — a 20-minute meditation session with proper focus is good enough to get the desired results.

  2. People meditate in pursuit of general wellness

    The desire for general wellness is the top reason why people start meditating.

  3. It combats loneliness and stress

    According to Fornari, gardening is a form of meditation that is proven to lower stress levels — and going to a garden is a great way to meet like-minded people.

  4. It’s a mood-booster

    Since meditation helps you let go of stress, and the freshness of a garden rejuvenates you, garden meditation is a great mood booster.

  5. There’s a World Meditation Day

    World Meditation Day is celebrated on May 21 every year.

Why We Love National Garden Meditation Day

  1. Meditation Improves focus

    Meditation is a great way to take a break from work. A short meditation session can help you get rid of unwanted stress and negative thoughts, helping you to focus on what needs to be done.

  2. Gardening brings us closer to nature

    Gardening, or taking care of plants in general, is a very positive habit. It brings us closer to nature as we temporarily detach from the rest of the world and enjoy nature.

  3. The aim is to bring people to gardens

    Many people live in concrete jungles nowadays, and it’s taking its toll on their health. Garden meditation aims to make people get outside and get a dose of Vitamin D while helping them to let go of their stress.

National Garden Meditation Day dates

2024May 3Friday
2025May 3Saturday
2026May 3Sunday
2027May 3Monday
2028May 3Wednesday

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