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National Day of the Gong
FriJun 21

National Day of the Gong – June 21, 2024

National Day of the Gong is celebrated annually on June 21. The day honors and celebrates the gong’s history and cultural significance. Apart from being a musical instrument, the gong is also seen as a tool of creativity and healing. It is a versatile instrument whose sounds are sensory and polyphonic. Gongs are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials. They are also a common sighting at worship places and meditation centers. Like other musical instruments, the gong is also played at performances, ceremonies, and events. Its rhythm and beats make it an indispensable part of mind-body-spirit endeavors. Musicians and artists use the gong to bring their imaginative and creative ideas to life. The gong serves a different experience and purpose for everyone.

History of National Day of the Gong

The gong is an extraordinary instrument with a rich cultural history. It is believed that the gong originated somewhere in East- or Southeast Asia, but also has roots in other societies like Rome. The gong comes in many shapes and sizes. When a mallet strikes the gong, it produces a deep, earthy sound. The instrument is also a part of many worship and prayer rituals. Gongs can be classified into three broad categories. First, suspended gongs are flat, circular discs of metal suspended vertically by a cord passing through holes near the top rim. Second, bossed or nipple gongs have a raised center and are suspended and played horizontally. Finally, bowl gongs are bowl-shaped and rest on cushions. The latter is sometimes placed under the bell category. Gongs are mainly made of bronze or brass but it’s not uncommon to find gongs made of other alloys. The material depends on the purpose that the gong is intended to serve. founded National Day of the Gong to celebrate the important ways in which the gong impacts our physical and mental well-being. Since 2009, has been taking the gong where no gong has gone before! The organization is dedicated to expanding the outreach and applications of the gong to make it a unique, engaging, accessible, and transformational instrument that makes our life better. It wasn’t until June 21, 2017, that the day was officially proclaimed as National Day of the Gong.

National Day of the Gong timeline

3500 B.C.
The Gong is Invented

The gong is invented in the Hsi Yu nation.

Gongs in the Orchestra

Gongs start appearing in symphonic orchestras.

Napoleon's Funeral

Gongs are struck at Napoleon’s funeral.

The Gong Show

A gong talent show for amateurs debuts on television.

National Day of the Gong FAQs

When is National Day of the Gong?

National Day of the Gong is celebrated on June 21. 

Who started National Day of the Gong?

National Day of the Gong was started by in 2009. 

What is a gong made of?

A gong is usually made of bronze or brass alloy.

National Day of the Gong Activities

  1. Learn to play the gong

    Buy yourself a small gong and mallet, and practice hitting some new notes on it. You can also find tutorials online to get started.

  2. Attend a performance

    If you want to see how experts play the gong, consider attending a performance. This will also help you understand how versatile the instrument is.

  3. Meditate using a gong

    A gong is a common fixture at meditating and spiritual retreats. If you have difficulty keeping your mind still, you can try meditating using a gong to focus better.

5 Facts About Gongs That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The gong has other names

    European orchestras often called flat gongs ‘tam-tam.’

  2. It’s been around for centuries

    Gongs are the oldest musical instruments of Southeast Asia.

  3. Its name comes from Java

    The word ‘gong’ has its roots in the Javanese language.

  4. It’s a symbol of success

    Asians consider gongs as a symbol of success and status.

  5. Gongs come in different sizes

    A gong can be anywhere between 1.6 to 5 feet in diameter.

Why We Love National Day of the Gong

  1. It celebrates music

    Music makes our lives joyful and melodious. National Day of the Gong celebrates the gong and its many melodies.

  2. It’s a day of introspection

    Since the gong is also used for meditation and worship, the day encourages us to take some time off to look within ourselves and do some self-reflection.

  3. It celebrates versatility

    The gong is a versatile instrument that has both musical and cultural significance. We should take inspiration from the gong to celebrate our own versatility.

National Day of the Gong dates

2024June 21Friday
2025June 21Saturday
2026June 21Sunday
2027June 21Monday
2028June 21Wednesday

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