National Selfie Day – June 21, 2020

Sun Jun 21

June 21 is National Selfie Day, a day to celebrate your selfie and yourself! Whether you take selfies for your own personal use or to send to friends or post on social media, selfies are a great way to present yourself to the world and ask: what am I trying to say about myself? The Apple iPhone 4 offered a front facing camera in 2010, and nearly all new smartphones introduced since have offered the same design, making selfies a breeze. Selfies have changed everything—the way we date (selfies on Tinder and Grindr), the way we interact with celebrities (forget autographs, the modern fan wants a selfie), and even how we interact with our friends (selfies in the group chat). For National Selfie Day, snap a selfie. You deserve it.

National Selfie Day Activities

  1. Take a selfie

    This way of celebrating National Selfie Day should go without saying, but if you’ve never taken a selfie before, take one today. If you’re embarrassed, you don’t have to share it with anyone on social media. Just keep it on your phone! But give it a try. You might be surprised how much fun it is to turn the lens on yourself.

  2. Get a selfie stick

    The perfect National Selfie Day gift? A selfie stick! A selfie stick allows you to shoot selfie photos by placing your camera or smartphone at the end of a plastic stick. You then can control the camera through buttons at the end of the stick that’s in your hand. This stick gives you a bit more arm length, so you can fit more people or objects into your selfie photo.

  3. Learn to take a better selfie

    If you’re already taking multiple selfies every day, use National Selfie Day to find a way to shoot better selfies. Read a book on photography to figure out how to make your composition better. Learn more about how lighting works in photography to have better results. Or just study other people's selfies and experiment with different poses and filters. Share the results with friends, or simply post the winner.

Why We Love National Selfie Day

  1. Selfies give you an archive of your life

    When you shoot selfies and either keep them on your phoone or post them to social media, you are creating a timeline of your life. You’ll be able to see all the things you’ve done, and each photo has a timestamp so you know when it occurred. Think of selfies like the modern day diary. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words … and is a lot more fun.

  2. They’re easy to take

    You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take selfies. Literally anyone can take them!

  3. They’re just fun

    A selfie is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it. Selfies can reflect your mood at the time or can make a statement about your personality. Share your beautiful face with your friends, and be sure to like your friends' selfies as well. It's a circle of selfie love.

National Selfie Day dates
2020June 21Sunday
2021June 21Monday
2022June 21Tuesday
2023June 21Wednesday
2024June 21Friday