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FriJun 21

National Dog Party Day – June 21, 2024

National Dog Party day is observed on June 21, and it marks a fun day for dogs to enjoy the company of other fellow canines. If you want to do something for your dog, this is your chance. Dog parties can be as lit as you want them to be, or as nonchalant as your dog is. This is not some traditional party for which you need to throw in a lot of money; you can manage a treat for your feline buddy very easily.

History of National Dog Party Day

This is a day to celebrate your four-legged, forever loyal, and favorite pet. Arden Moore, a pet safety coach, created the National Dog Party Day in 2011. The day aims to celebrate the presence of your pet. It gives the dog owners an opportunity to get out of their houses with their pups and socialize in order to strengthen the bond between them and their pets. It promotes a happy and playful environment for dogs, which lets them interact and engage with other dogs freely.

Do you need ideas for throwing a party for your dog? Look no further because Pet Health and Safety Coach Arden Moore wrote a book, “Dog Parties: How to Party Like a Pup.” The book is filled with games for dog owners and their dogs to enjoy. The ultimate goal behind this book and the whole celebration of the day is just to provide people with an opportunity to celebrate their pets, live in the moment, and enjoy life with their dogs.

Hosting a dog party is not difficult, but will need some preparation to make it lively and worthwhile for everyone. You have to make sure that everyone invited to the party is aware of the rules, to avoid any mishap. Invite only socialized and well-mannered dogs to the party. Party should be limited to a small number of dogs, and every person should be allowed one pet only. Dogs must be chaperoned at all times and kept on a leash unless there is some off-leash play at the party.

National Dog Party Day timeline

The American Kennel Club Opens

The American Kennel Club holds its first meeting on September 17, in Philadelphia, where the constitution, bylaws, and dog show rules are established.

The Most Famous Dog Cartoon

The American cartoon “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” — produced by Hanna Barbera, debuts on C.B.S. on September 13, 1969.

The Most Popular Breed

Labrador retrievers becomes the most popular and most common breed of dogs in the U.S.

August 26, 2004
The National Dog Day

Colleen Paige establishes National Dog Day.

National Dog Party Day FAQs

What day is Happy National Dog Day?

National Dog Day was first established in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle advocate Colleen Paige.

Is it national or international dog day?

National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 each year.

How do we celebrate National Dog Day?

Go for a long walk in a new place, host a pet playdate, bake a dog-friendly treat, donate to your local animal shelter or simply tell them you love them.

National Dog Party Day Activities

  1. Give your pup space to play

    If you're throwing a party for your dog, he and his friends will need a space to play and run around. You can arrange the party in some dog park or beach if you do not have a yard or enough space at your home.

  2. Make treats

    Surprise your pup and his friends with new treats. And why buy them when Dog Party Day lets us make them? You can find various recipes and techniques online, but be careful about the dietary restrictions of all the dogs invited.

  3. Donate to a dog center

    Through your party, you can raise money for some animal shelter or dog rescue center of choice. You can do it by either charging some fee for the ticket, having a raffle or simply asking people for funds to donate.

5 Interesting Facts About Dogs

  1. Their great sense of smell

    Dogs have about 40x better sense of smell than you; they can even sense your feelings.

  2. They have a preferred hand

    Just like humans, your dog can be left or right-pawed.

  3. Their intelligence level

    Dogs commonly have an intelligence level of a two-year-old human.

  4. Dalmatians change their skin color

    Dalmatian pups are born with complete white-colored skin and the spots develop later on.

  5. Dogs are born deaf

    All puppies are born deaf, but eventually, their hearing sense gets four times better than ours.

Why We Love National Dog Party Day

  1. Opportunity to celebrate your pet

    During normal days you might not be able to give enough time to your dog. This is an opportunity for you to appreciate and celebrate the presence of man's best friend.

  2. A way to create memories

    You can throw a party or take your dog for a photo shoot with you to secure the beautiful memories of your doggo. Celebrating your dog brings you closer and strengthens your bond with them.

  3. Makes your pet feel special

    Your pets will understand that the party is for them, which will make them feel over the moon. What other joy than to make your loved pup feel special?

National Dog Party Day dates

2024June 21Friday
2025June 21Saturday
2026June 21Sunday
2027June 21Monday
2028June 21Wednesday

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