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SatJun 21

National Yard Games Day – June 21, 2025

National Yard Games Day is celebrated on the first day of summer, equivalent to the summer solstice, which falls on June 21 this year. It is a day to have loads of fun with friends, not at an expensive venue, but in your yard. Adults and youngsters gather in yards and play fun games, specially devised for the day’s celebration. A list of 10 fun games is released to be played or experimented with on the day — which fuels people’s excitement about the day.

History of National Yard Games Day

In 2021, the Tailgating Challenge’s president, Luke Lorick, decided to revive people’s love for yard games by creating a national day for it. National Yard Games Day has only been celebrated once, but the success of the day’s celebration has made the forthcoming ones an anticipated event. This is corroborated by the countdown on the Tailgating Challenge website showing the number of days, minutes, and even seconds remaining to the first day of summer — the day yard games dominate American yards.

There are numerous kinds of yard games available for players. From those that test players’ precision to those that test endurance, all yard games have one thing in common — they are fun to play and bring friends and families together. Yard games have been around for hundreds of years. Cornhole, horseshoe, ladder toss, bowls, and many others, are some examples of available yard games. Some of these games have survived for centuries, and in one case, for millennia, of human history. The game of bowls, for example, was played 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Bocce became exceedingly popular in the Roman Empire around the 16th century. The classical game of cornhole, which is iconic to the National Yard Games Day celebration, evolved from an earlier game described in 1883. And although some reports suggest that it has been around as far back as the 14th century in Germany, the 1883 game more fittingly matches cornhole’s modern version.

To celebrate National Yard Games Day, the Tailgating Challenge releases a list of 10 fun yard games for people to play. In 2021, Tic Bag Toe — a hybrid of the yard games cornhole and Tic Tac Toe — was named the number one game for the year’s celebration. We can’t wait for the organization’s game list for this year’s celebration.

National Yard Games Day timeline

5,000 Years Ago
Bowls’ Mimic

A game similar to bowls is played in ancient Egypt.

16th Century
The Popularity of Yard Games

The games of bowls and bocce become popular in England and Italy, respectively.

Heylier de Windt's Patent

Windt's patented game's description shows features of the game of cornhole.

The First Horseshoe Tournament

The city of Bronson organizes the first horseshoe tournament.

Ban on Lawn Darts

Sales of lawn darts are banned in the U.S.

The American Cornhole League

The A.C.L. is founded by Stacy Moore.

National Yard Games Day FAQs

What is the most popular yard game?

Some of the earliest yard games stand out among others. Horseshoes, bocce, and more recently, cornhole, are some of the most popular games.

Which games are played on grass?

Horseshoe, throwing games, lawn darts, etc.

What is the oldest lawn game?

The oldest lawn games are bocce and a form of bowls, both depicted in ancient Egyptian engravings.

National Yard Games Day Activities

  1. Play yard games

    There's no better way to celebrate this day than to do what the day was meant for — play fun and designated games.

  2. Create a new game

    If you have any wonderful game idea you think can fit into the yard games category, then celebrate this day by introducing it. You can even give it your own name!

  3. Invite others

    To spice up the day's celebration, don't just have friends over. Invite neighbors and acquaintances as well and engage them in the fun.

5 Important Facts About Cornhole You Should Know

  1. The original name

    The yard game was originally known as Parlor Quoits.

  2. Numerous names

    It is also known as Baggo, Backyard Toss, The Beanbag Game,, depending on the location.

  3. The earliest design

    The round hole used in the modern version of the game was originally square-shaped.

  4. There’s an official song

    The duo musicians — Rhett and Link — composed a cornhole song in 2007, boosting people's fondness for the game.

  5. The cornhole capital

    The Ohio city of Cincinnati is considered the capital of cornhole.

Why We Love National Yard Games Day

  1. It is fun

    We know everyone likes to have fun with friends and family. Why then shouldn’t we love a day that offers exciting and fun activities?!

  2. It builds skills

    With loads of fun and challenging games played during the day, people get to improve the skills necessary to win. This adds to their pool of human skills.

  3. It brings people together

    The day is best celebrated with friends and family. This ensures that the close bonds between people and their friends remain intact.

National Yard Games Day dates

2022June 21Tuesday
2023June 21Wednesday
2024June 21Friday
2025June 21Saturday
2026June 21Sunday

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