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Fish are Friends Not Food Week – June 23-29, 2024

Fish Are Friends, Not Food Week is celebrated during the last week of June every year. This year, it’s from June 23 to 29. This week is named after the catchphrase said by the sharks in “Finding Nemo: The Musical” to inspire others to be mindful of fish and aquatic life. It is a week for us to consider other protein sources, including plant-based proteins. Fish are intelligent creatures capable of experiencing pain. They have intricate internal worlds, interact with one another, recognize human faces, and even become excited when they see other fish. Choosing to have a fish-free diet this week can help contribute to a healthy marine ecosystem, so try it out.

History of Fish are Friends Not Food Week

Fish Are Friends, Not Food Week reminds us to take a break from eating fish. Although there are several benefits to eating fish, there can be no denying the devastating effects that human activities have on marine life. From overfishing to unethical practices and hunting endangered species, the fishing industry has done more harm to fish and marine life in general. Cut fish from your meals like sushi, canned tuna, sandwiches that use fish as an ingredient, and other foods that contain fish.

By not eating fish for a week, not only are you helping the fish, but you are also helping the environment. Pollution and waste from fish farms contribute to environmental degradation. By choosing to abstain from fish this week, you also ensure that other marine species like turtles, dolphins, and sharks have food to eat. This enables a healthy marine ecosystem for all animals and plants living in the sea. Play your part by allowing a better chance of survival for all sea animals in the future by not consuming fish this week.

Fish are our friends that we should treat with care and not just as our food. In the same way we care for our pets like dogs and cats, we should also care for fish and not hunt them for food unnecessarily. This week reminds us that we should do everything we can to ensure they are well cared for.

Fish are Friends Not Food Week timeline

The American Fisheries Society

The American Fisheries Society is established, which is considered the oldest and largest organization in the world devoted to bolstering the fishing industry, expanding scientific research in the field, and protecting natural resources.

The Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Conservancy is founded by Bill Kardash with the primary goals of ensuring the long-term viability of American fisheries and shielding wildlife from the destructive effects of humans.

The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries

The FAO releases the most-cited instrument for managing the contribution of fisheries, in addition to maintaining and preserving the aquatic resources.

PETA Investigates Cruelty against Fish

In September, PETA launches an investigation into the practices of some restaurants that serve live aquatic animals.

Fish are Friends Not Food Week FAQs

What aspect of fishing is bad for aquatic animals?

Fish are not the only ones harmed by fishing. According to wildlife rehabilitation specialists, discarded fishing gear is a major threat to other aquatic species.

What is the significance of protecting fish?

With fish conservation, we can take part in preserving certain ecosystems. Fish are essential to the planet’s health, and the conservation of fish can help maintain the natural balance of things.

Is there ever going to be a shortage of fish?

It’s possible that the world’s oceans will be almost completely depleted of fish by 2048. If nothing changes, we’ll run out of seafood by 2048, according to a new report. To preserve the sea’s ecosystems, we need to make a change.

Fish are Friends Not Food Week Activities

  1. Skip sushi

    Consider skipping sushi this week. Tuna populations are in jeopardy due to overfishing, and since the turn of the 20th century, bluefin tuna populations have plummeted by a staggering 90%. So, your contribution towards reviving the tuna population could be as little as refraining from eating sushi this week.

  2. Donate to the cause

    Look online for charities that support aquatic life conservation. Pick one to donate to and tell your friends about it.

  3. Raise awareness

    You can use this week to raise awareness about the fishing industry and the negative impacts its activities have on fish. Overfishing has also caused devastating problems for other fish, humans, and the planet in general.

5 Interesting Facts About Harmful Fishing Practices

  1. Bottom trawling

    Bottom trawling is the process of pulling an open fishing net across the bottom of the ocean, which leads to catching young fish, damaging the seafloor, and overfishing.

  2. Longline fishing

    Fisheries use longlines to cover vast distances using nets rigged with baited hooks; however, non-targeted marine creatures could get injured and die in the process.

  3. Fishermen sometimes discard fish

    Sharks and dolphins, in addition to turtles, are among the most vulnerable species to becoming "bycatch," or animals accidentally caught in fishing gear.

  4. Overfishing leads to decreased populations

    Despite restrictions, some commercial fishermen do not have valid fishing licenses and knowingly fail to report their catches, which causes population declines in marine protected zones.

  5. Aquaculture farms have negative impacts

    Aquaculture farms are rife with crowded fish farms in filthy conditions, allowing diseases to spread among fish.

Why We Love Fish are Friends Not Food Week

  1. It promotes saving the fish

    You can contribute to saving the fish by not eating them. The more people who do not eat fish this week, the better for all the fish and marine creatures.

  2. There will be more food for other marine life

    There is more food for other marine species, such as turtles, dolphins, and sharks. This promotes the survival of their species as a whole and the regeneration of marine life.

  3. It protects endangered species

    Another thing to love about this week is that it helps raise awareness about endangered species. When you and other people partake in abstaining from fish, this will help them to repopulate. Save endangered species with this small act of kindness.

Fish are Friends Not Food Week dates

2022June 19Sunday
2023June 18Sunday
2024June 23Sunday
2025June 22Sunday
2026June 21Sunday

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