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FriJun 21

National Cookie Dough Day – June 21, 2024

National Cookie Dough Day is a food holiday observed annually on June 21 in the United States. Cookie dough is a treat enjoyed by everyone, so, indulging in this delicious sweet on the day is in order. This national holiday honors everyone’s favorite treat, creamy, rich, and decadent cookie dough. Cookie dough is a raw mixture of cookie ingredients that is typically mixed to be baked into cookies but is also eaten raw. Ice cream and candy are some desserts that contain cookie dough. Discover more information and interesting facts about this relatively new holiday.

History of National Cookie Dough Day

National Cookie Dough Day is celebrated annually on June 21. Cookies, and therefore, cookie dough, date back to 7th-century Persia. They were first used as test cakes in a country that was one of the first to use sugar, and that would quickly become famous for its opulent cakes and pastries. Because the Persians would bake a small amount of cake batter in the oven to test the oven temperature, and it would come out looking like a mini cake, the early cookie was labeled as a test cake before it was referred to as a ‘cookie.’ The concept of cookies spread and became well-known all over the world. They evolved into biscuits for convenience, as they kept fresher for longer periods.

As cookies became more popular and people began baking them at home, they would taste the cookie dough batter to ensure the sweetness, although the custom of eating cookie dough came about much later. More cookie recipes surfaced during the subsequent Industrial Revolution and new cookie forms and flavors are constantly being developed. One of these is the concept of edible cookie dough, dough that is intended to be eaten raw such as that found in ice cream and candy. Edible cookie dough is made without raw eggs and with heat-treated flour. Nestle Toll House Edible Cookie Dough, Do, Edoughable, and The Cookie Dough Café’ are among the companies that sell edible dough. Edible cookie dough became a dessert trend in 2010, spawning several businesses. The cookie dough flavor, which originated as comfort food in the United States, has gained worldwide acclaim.

Is it safe to eat raw cookie dough?

The raw (unbaked) dough should not be tasted or eaten as uncooked flour and raw eggs may contain germs that will make you sick if consumed.

When was the refrigerated cookie dough invented?

In the 1950s, refrigerated cookie dough was invented.

Who was behind the idea of pre-made cookie dough?

Nestle and Pillsbury were the first to introduce commercially available premade cookie dough in supermarkets in the 1950s.

National Cookie Dough Day Activities

  1. Make some cookie dough

    Get your apron on and gather your ingredients, it's cookie dough time. Search for edible cookie dough recipes online and indulge in this delicious treat today.

  2. Treat your friends

    Everyone loves cookie dough. Surprise your friends and family with cookie dough or cookie dough desserts on this day and get them to join in on the fun.

  3. Hold a cookie dough contest

    Here's a fantastic group activity for you and your family on National Cookie Dough Day — a cookie dough competition. Hold contests for the best cookie dough in categories such as original, gluten-free, plant-based, raw, wildcards, and so on.

5 Yummy Facts About Cookie Dough

  1. Frozen cookie dough shelf life

    Frozen cookie dough can last anywhere between nine to 12 months if kept refrigerated.

  2. 200 calories

    A single two-ounce serving of cookie dough contains 200 calories.

  3. Cookie dough is multifunctional

    Besides baking cookies, cookie dough can also be used as a dessert filling or toppings for ice cream.

  4. Cookie dough survived wars

    War could not stop the need for cooking dough despite the need for food rationing as was the case during World War II.

  5. Cookie museum

    The National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in the United States is dedicated to cookies and exhibits cookie cutters from all over the world.

Why We Love National Cookie Dough Day

  1. It has a long history

    Cookie dough has a long history, it has existed since the 7th century. National Cookie Dough Day celebrates the popularity of this household treat over the years.

  2. Everyone loves cookie dough

    Regardless of age and gender, everyone loves cookie dough. Cookie dough is extremely easy to make and is available at convenience stores.

  3. A day to try different cookie doughs

    Cookie dough can be made plain, with chocolate chips, and even gluten-free. National Cookie Dough Day is the chance to take your taste buds on a cookie dough journey.

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