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Andean New Year – June 21, 2025

The Andean New Year is celebrated every year on June 21. This day is a celebration of the New Year and the return of the Sun across the Andean countries it is a recognition of the traditional New Year and solstice celebrations of the indigenous peoples of the Andes. The Andean countries refer to those countries through which the Andes mountains run through. These include Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Argentina. The indigenous peoples of these countries share a culture from the Inca Empire that includes rituals like the New Year celebrations.

History of Andean New Year

For the Andeans, this day marks the return of the Sun and the arrival of the New Year. The Andean people and civilizations comprise complex societies and civilizations with many different cultures and peoples, all coming together under the spread of the Inca Empire. The Andean culture was what is understood among historians today as a pristine civilization. This term refers to a civilization that has evolved without any influence from any other external civilizations.

Agriculture was the principal occupation of the vast majority of the Andean people, and they grew crops that were unique to the region. Because of the harsh climate and the land, the Andeans had to be very innovative when farming and devise several agricultural innovations to facilitate the process.

This focus on agriculture centered around the sun and its movements in the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Andean people, just as it did for other civilizations and societies around the world. The Andean New Year celebrates the winter solstice for the Andean people, where they celebrate the return of the sun, as winter begins to fade away into Spring and the planting season. The New Year goes by many names like ‘Mushuk Nina’ in Ecuador and ‘Inti Raymi’ in the Quechua cultures.

Andean New Year timeline

5780 B.C.
The Andean Culture Develops

The Andean civilization populates the coastal deserts of Peru introducing textiles too.

8000 B.C.
The Introduction of an Important Crop

Maize comes to the Andes from Mexico and becomes an important crop.

1500 A.D.
The Inca Empire Unites the Andes

The Incas unify the different Andean people and cultures, sharing rituals and festivities.

The Rise of a New Year Holiday

Colonizers give power back, and the Andeans declare June 21 a national holiday.

Andean New Year FAQs

What is unique about the Andean New Year?

It is the shortest day and longest night of the year.

Why is ‘Ano Viejo’ celebrated?

The puppet ‘Ano Veijo’ is burnt to bring in luck for the New Year.

What was the earliest Andean culture?

The earliest Andean culture is known as Caral.

Andean New Year Activities

  1. Visit an Andean celebration

    Whether you go to the Andean countries or next door to your Andean neighbors, attend a New Year celebration. Enjoy yourself and learn something new.

  2. Use the hashtags

    #AndeanNewYear is a great way to share information about this unique celebration. Spread more information about the Andean culture respectfully with the hashtags.

  3. Eat the Andean cuisine

    The Andean New Year is primarily an agricultural festival. Celebrate it by eating delicious food at the celebration.

5 Interesting Facts About Andean New Year

  1. The New Year celebration is special

    The Peruvian Culture Ministry declared the Andean New Year to be of cultural interest.

  2. There are a lot of traditional offerings

    During rituals and celebrations, the Andean people bring offerings to the earth and the sun gods.

  3. There are many celebrations

    Cultural celebrations lead up to and after the Andean New Year.

  4. Each culture has its rituals

    While all the cultures of the Andes share the festival itself, they have different rituals on the day.

  5. The day is about recharging

    As people welcome the sun, they look forward to being recharged by its rays in the New Year.

Why We Love Andean New Year

  1. We love the celebrations

    We think that the rituals are fascinating and love to watch them. We want to see all the different traditions of the Andean people.

  2. We want to learn more

    We think that there’s a lot to learn about Andean cultures and rituals. We want to use this as an opportunity to learn more about them.

  3. We want to support the Andean people

    We think it’s great that the Andean people are reclaiming their traditions. We want to show our support for the Andean people on this day.

Andean New Year dates

2025June 21Saturday
2026June 21Sunday
2027June 21Monday
2028June 21Wednesday
2029June 21Thursday

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