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FriJun 21

National Arizona Day – June 21, 2024

National Arizona Day is a holiday celebrated on June 21 every year, where the locals swear the weather is bearable and the many sunny days brighten their life. This state in the south of the U.S., east of California, and south of Utah is very arid and hot. It has four different deserts, each with a differing climate. Arizona had gold, silver, and copper rushes. With its varied peoples, long history, and dry climate, this unique state played a big role in the history of Mexico and the U.S.

History of National Arizona Day

Formerly part of the Territory of New Mexico, Arizona was originally carved from Spanish and Mexican territories. It was later ceded to the United States in the war between Mexico and America. Consequently, a part of the territory broke off and became the Territory of Arizona as established and named by the Confederate States of America. Due to the various secessions it witnessed, an act to have the territory of Arizona organized was signed. This new territory was merged with parts from the earlier New Mexico Territory to form the U.S. Arizona Territory. Arizona was granted statehood on February 14, 1912, which made it become the 48th state admitted by the United States and the 6th largest state in the United States.

With the state’s central location and resources, Arizona developed a fast-growing economy and saw its most vital economic boom with the mining industry in the 17th century. This took a drastic turn during the Great Depression. Famous for The Grand Canyon, a long list of parks and monuments, the drastic turn the economy took was uplifted as major road networks opened up the state to tourists and explorers. Tourism quickly became the center of Arizona’s booming economy.

Even though its most famous tourist attraction is its landmark shaped by nature, the country has a unique and exciting blend of history and culture that is derived from the influences of the Mexican and Native American populations. National Arizona day is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the state’s natural, cultural and historical resources.

National Arizona Day timeline

First European Contact

Marcos de Niza becomes the first European to contact Native Americans.

Part of a New Territory

After Mexico’s independence, Arizona becomes part of its new territory.

American Civil War

The U.S. army occupies and claims the capital of Mexico City, part of which is Arizona.

Creation Of State

The territory of Arizona is admitted to the union of states in The United States.

National Arizona Day FAQs

What is Arizona famous for?

Arizona is known for a lot of things, but it is most famous for the climate and the Grand Canyon.

What is the weather like in Arizona?

The temperature varies from season to season, but the atmosphere is usually dry and clean with interchanging levels of heat.

Is Arizona an expensive place?

Arizona is known for being part of most people’s retirement plans due to its relatively low cost of living.

National Arizona Day Activities

  1. Find more information

    You can celebrate this day by finding out more and learning about the history of Arizona or specific tourist sites and attractions. You and your family can also plan a trip or do virtual tours.

  2. Make the internet your visual friend

    If you are unable to visit, make the internet your best friend by looking up stunning pictures and videos of Arizona. Give yourself a sense of what you are missing.

  3. Live like a tourist

    If Arizona is your home, use this holiday to explore the scenes that tourists are drawn to, which are easily accessible to you. Or even better: visit the sites the tourists don’t see.

5 Interesting Facts About The Grand Canyon

  1. Formerly a Forest Reserve

    A Forest Reserve was established after several bills to make it a park were rejected.

  2. Gathers a crowd

    Every year 5.5 million people travel to explore and visit it.

  3. Photogenic canyon

    At least seven movies, including “Transformers” and “Nurse Betty,” take place in the canyon.

  4. Caves galore

    The Grand Canyon is full of caves — at least 335, but only one cave is open to the public.

  5. Bigger than some states

    The park alone is 1,904 square miles which is bigger than most states.

Why We Love National Arizona Day

  1. History is beautiful

    When learning about the history of something, there is bound to be new, exciting information. The state of Arizona has a truly rich history worth exploring.

  2. An opportunity to appreciate nature

    The State of Arizona is truly among one of the best works of mother nature, for which we are thankful. Take the time to enjoy it for yourself.

  3. It connects a community

    Arizona is home to a group of diverse people and cultures that come together to celebrate their shared rich heritage. They also open it to tourists for glimpses. Become a part of history and natural beauty.

National Arizona Day dates

2024June 21Friday
2025June 21Saturday
2026June 21Sunday
2027June 21Monday
2028June 21Wednesday

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