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National Craft Spirits Week – June 16-22, 2024

National Craft Spirits Week is celebrated in the third week of June and takes place from June 16 to 22 this year. Craft alcohol has been all the rage in recent years. There has been a shift away from major beer and liquor makers to more specialized craft options for many alcohol consumers, particularly Millennials. Today’s consumers are looking for a wide range of options and prefer to make educated choices about what they purchase. There are many craft distilled liquors on the market, with the number continuously increasing each year, and the focus on transparency, quality, and individuality is not confined to beer.

History of National Craft Spirits Week

In the early days, there was evidence of extremely simple distilled liquors manufactured in Asia from ingredients such as rice and milk, which was found in China. After some time, distillation techniques made their way to Greece, but it wasn’t until they reached Persia that things began to pick up speed.

It is possible to trace the production of craft spirits back to the time of the ancient Greeks when they conducted experiments on blending liquids that originated from the concept of distilling wine. During this period, the production of spirits was stigmatized as a form of illegal magic because the end product of these operations was thought to have a mildly intoxicating effect. Craft spirit distilling came into being not only for the purpose of drinking and socializing with friends but also for other reasons. At the beginning of the second century B.C. in Egypt, the earliest manufacturers had the purpose of obtaining components from nature and using them for healing procedures, which is more important than just creating a beverage for leisurely consumption. Another example is the ancient Greek mariners who experimented with evaporating seawater to produce drinkable water.

In ancient Persia, known as the “seat of medicine” during that time, distillation developed into a standard academic subject in medical institutions. In the 17th century, along with the tremendous production breakthroughs of other types of liquors such as whiskey, the art of manufacturing craft spirits grew at previously unheard-of rates, and it evolved to the point where it could be sold.

National Craft Spirits Week timeline

8th Century
Alembic Distilling

The alembic is the oldest-known brewing method done in the alembic pot, and Jabir ibn Hayyan, an Arabic alchemist, is credited with inventing this distillation method.

19th Century
Column Distillery

Column distillation emerges because of the need for a more rapid distillation process,.

Craft Distilleries

The number of craft distilleries in the U.S. is 24.

Distilleries Explosion

There is a distillery explosion with over 600 distilleries open in the U.S.

National Craft Spirits Week FAQs

Why are craft alcoholic beverages so popular?

When it comes to the beverage sector, craft spirits are unrivaled in terms of ingenuity and creativity. It’s no surprise that people are more inclined to spend money on a luxury item when they have so many options. It’s no surprise that craft spirits are so popular in terms of sustainability, which many craft spirit companies practice in terms of packaging and materials used, as well as supporting small businesses.

Exactly what does it mean to say that a distillery is ‘craft’?

According to the American Craft Spirits Association, the definition of a craft distillery is a distillery that recognizes the benefits of openness in the distilling process and is forthright about the ingredients it uses, the location and process of distillation, the location and procedure of bottling, and the aging process of its products.

Which states have the highest number of craft distilleries?

California, New York, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida are the top ten states with the most craft distilleries.

National Craft Spirits Week Activities

  1. Create a cocktail

    You can use your favorite craft spirits to whip up a cocktail. You can share the recipe with friends and family or encourage them to create their own.

  2. Show support

    You can support your local craft distillery by giving them a shoutout on social media to gain more customers. You can use #CraftsSpiritWeek while uploading a picture or video of your local craft distillery.

  3. Pair with good food

    What’s better than drinking craft spirits? Pairing it with great food. Prepare a few recipes that go well with the spirit you’re drinking. Consider looking at the bottle label to find out the ingredients used to manufacture it, and use your knowledge while searching for meals to accompany it.

5 Interesting Facts About Craft Spirits

  1. Common definitions of the ‘craft distillery’

    The American Craft Spirits Association defines a craft distillery as a distillery that values transparency about the ingredients, a distillery with minimum ownership of 51%, and a distillery that produces fewer than 750,000 gallons annually.

  2. Spirits can be served chilled

    One of the most enjoyable parts of the experience is having the artisan spirits served cold.

  3. Spirits are not mass-produced

    Since Jack Daniel's and Heineken are mass-produced alcoholic beverages rather than handcrafted artisanal spirits, this means that they cannot be considered handmade distilled spirits.

  4. Spirits are locally produced

    The spirits are created and typically manufactured by a small distillery using locally obtained ingredients and resources.

  5. Geographical limitations

    The distribution of the finished products is usually restricted to a certain geographic area.

Why We Love National Craft Spirits Week

  1. A unique experience

    For many people, being able to try the spirits is a unique experience. This can be a fun activity for family and friends to do together.

  2. Try something new

    During the week, craft distilleries host celebrations to get individuals interested in trying out their spirits. It can be a fun way to branch out from the traditional spirits that most people are familiar with.

  3. Supporting local businesses

    The week allows people to support their local craft businesses, which helps them stay in business so they can expand their business and get more people to know about craft spirits.

National Craft Spirits Week dates

2022June 19Sunday
2023June 18Sunday
2024June 16Sunday
2025June 15Sunday
2026June 21Sunday

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