April 30th holidays

April 30th is the 120th day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, the completion of Albert Einstein’s doctoral thesis, and the opening of the New York World’s Fair. Famous April 30th birthdays include Gal Gadot, Dianna Agron, and Travis Scott. April 30th also marks International Jazz Day, National Honesty Day, and National Raisin Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for April 30.


Honesty Day

The whole truth and nothing but the truth? That's right!


International Jazz Day

Take a musical look at a distinctly American art form.


National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Discover interesting stories and facts about adopting pets.


National Bubble Tea Day

We cannot get enough of the creamy sweet tea drink with pearly tapioca balls on top.


National Bugs Bunny Day

National Bugs Bunny Day commemorates the date this happy-go-lucky bunny made his first appearance in 1938.


National Military Brats Day

Today, we celebrate the kids of the armed forces.


National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Fret not about those calories as you dig into this healthy yet sweet munchie!


National Raisin Day

We celebrate to America’s favorite sun-soaked snack.


National Sarcoidosis Day

70% of people affected by sarcoidosis are aged between 20 and 40.