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TueApr 30

National Bugs Bunny Day – April 30, 2024

National Bugs Bunny Day is celebrated every year on April 30. It commemorates the date this happy-go-lucky bunny made his first appearance in 1938. We are getting ready to enjoy the day in the most fun way possible — by binge-watching “Looney Tunes” throughout the day, eating carrots like Bugs Bunny, and spreading the fun all over social media! Did you know, Bugs Bunny’s first appearance wasn’t on TV or any cartoon channels, but on a short film?

History of National Bugs Bunny Day

Bugs Bunny, who is also called the ‘Wascally Wabbit,’ appeared for the first time on April 30, 1938, in a short theater cartoon called “Porky’s Hare Hunt.” Many people don’t actually credit that as his first appearance and the reason for this is he was then still called Happy Rabbit. However, he looked like Bugs Bunny, spoke like Bugs Bunny, and moved like Bugs Bunny.

Even though “Porky’s Hare Hunt” was the first cartoon to feature a Bugs Bunny-like rabbit, it was on July 27, 1940, that “A Wild Hare” officially introduced the character called Bugs Bunny to the world. The preliminary version of Bugs Bunny was created by Ben Hardaway, whereas the official version was created by Tex Avery. The preliminary version of Bugs Bunny’s character was designed by Cal Dalton and Charles Thorson (1939–1940). However, the official version was designed by Bob Givens (1940–1943) and then by Robert McKimson (1943 – to date).

The popularity of Bugs Bunny rose in leaps and bounds during World War II. His free and easy attitude became a symbol of hope for people and, soon enough, Bugs Bunny became quite the star. Post World War II, “Knighty Knight Bugs” (1958) won an Academy Award for the Best Cartoon Short Subject. It was the first Oscar for Bugs Bunny.

National Bugs Bunny Day timeline

April 30, 1938
Bugs Bunny is Born

Bugs Bunny makes an appearance on “Porky's Hare Hunt.”

July 27, 1940
Bugs Bunny Becomes Official

Bugs Bunny makes his first official appearance in “A Wild Hare.”

January 10, 1943
Bugs Bunny’s Comic Strip Starts

Bugs Bunny makes his first appearance in a Dell Comics strip.

June 3, 2001
Junior Bugs Bunny is Born

Kids’ WB introduces a younger version of Bugs Bunny to the world.

National Bugs Bunny Day FAQs

What is Bugs Bunny's personality?

The catchphrase that our most-loved rabbit, Bugs Bunny, keeps using all the time and is best associated with his quirky personality is “What’s up, doc?”

What is Bugs Bunny's birthday?

Bugs Bunny was introduced to the world on July 27, 1940.

What is Bugs Bunny short for?

The character Bugs Bunny was named after its director Ben “Bugs” Hardaway.


National Bugs Bunny Day Activities

  1. Organize a “Bugs Bunny” cartoon marathon

    On April 30, you can gather all your buddies and curl up in front of your laptop or television to binge-watch some of Bugs Bunny’s popular shows and movies.

  2. Eat carrots

    On National Bugs Bunny Day make sure that you have carrots. Eat them raw or prepare a curry with carrots in it. This will be a great way to commemorate the funny bunny and also stay healthy.

  3. Use Bugs Bunny’s catchphrase

    If you’re too busy to watch the shows with your friends, the least you could do is use Bugs Bunny’s catchphrase "What's up, doc?" throughout the day. You can also share pictures or videos on social media to give impetus to the Bugs Bunny trend.

5 Mischievous Facts About Bugs Bunny

  1. His voice was designed to mimic Daffy Duck’s

    Bugs Bunny’s voice was designed to mimic the character of Daffy Duck.

  2. Cameos in World War II military propaganda

    Bugs Bunny’s character was used by the U.S. during World War II as military propaganda on things like proper sanitation and not leaking American secrets.

  3. Psychologists use him to study false memories

    Scientists have shown people fake advertisements for Disney World featuring Bugs Bunny in numerous psychological studies related to false beliefs.

  4. Creators worried he would be a bully

    The makers of the show made sure that Bugs Bunny was provoked otherwise his character would have come across as a total bully.

  5. Bugs Bunny saved the creator’s life

    Voiceover artist Mel Blanc had a serious car accident that left him in a coma and, to revive the unresponsive patient, doctors started to talk to him like Bugs Bunny and he started responding, saying “What’s up, doc?”

Why We Love National Bugs Bunny Day

  1. A big part of the world of animation

    Bugs Bunny has left an indelible mark in the world of animation. His character inspires every animator to better themselves day by day and keep themselves relevant. This day helps animators remember why they decided to choose this career path.

  2. Talking like Bugs Bunny is fun

    Bugs Bunny is one of the fastest and smoothest talkers we’ve seen in cartoons. On National Bugs Bunny Day, by talking like Bugs Bunny and using his catchphrase "What's up, doc?" over and over, we can actually have a lot of funny moments with our friends and colleagues.

  3. Teaches life lessons

    Bugs Bunny has been chased around by his enemy all his life and he has never been caught. So you can imagine the amount of hard work and effort Bugs Bunny has put into surviving for almost 85 years. This, indeed, is a life lesson about never giving up and always staying on the chase (or, in Bugs Bunny’s case, on the run).

National Bugs Bunny Day dates

2024April 30Tuesday
2025April 30Wednesday
2026April 30Thursday
2027April 30Friday
2028April 30Sunday

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