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WedApr 30

Day of the Child – April 30, 2025

The Day of the Child, celebrated on April 30, is a nationally known program that promotes the value and healthy habit of reading among all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status and cultural background. It connects kids and their families and introduces them to the world of books, languages, and cultures. It is also known as ‘El Dia de los Niños’ or’ ‘El Dia de los Libros’ (Children’s Day or Book Day). The holiday stresses the importance of literacy among children no matter where they come from.

History of Day of the Child

Since 1925, Mexico has commemorated Children’s Day every year. Because children are seen as valuable members of society, the day emphasizes the necessity of loving, accepting, and respecting them. Teachers plan a day for their students on this day (or the nearest weekday if it occurs on a weekend), which includes games, music, and food sharing. ‘Piñatas’ (which means ‘jugs’ or ‘pots’) are frequently made and broken by youngsters. Lessons are halted for the day in certain schools. Some families also take their children on a day trip. In parks and sports centers, children may participate in unique activities. Families occasionally offer gifts to their children. Children of radio and television hosts appear on their parents’ shows, which are often themed with children’s entertainment for the day — more like a de facto Take Your Children to Work Day in the media industry.

The original Children’s Day was observed on May 8 in Tantoyuca, Veracruz, but it was altered in 1925 by President Lvaro Obregón after the country ratified the Geneva Conventions and began to care for children devastated by World War I. The League of Nations then issued the Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child on November 26, 1924, acknowledging that children are the ones most affected by war occurrences.

The United Nations proposed that the world celebrate Children’s Day on November 20. There was one problem though — the day fell on Revolution Day in Mexico. So April 30 was chosen to avoid the celebrations on May 1 (Labor Day) and Cinco de Mayo (The Day of the Battle of Puebla).

Day of the Child timeline

Declaration on the Rights of the Child

The Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child is released by the League of Nations.

The Original Children’s Day

Following the World Conference for the Well-Being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, Children’s Day is established as a day to raise awareness of the importance and well-being of children.

The United Nations Joins In

Universal Children's Day is formally created by the United Nations.

It Becomes a Tradition in Schools

Day of the Child, established as a yearly tradition in many schools and libraries, finds a permanent home in the Association for Library Service to Children.

Day of the Child FAQs

How many nations dedicate a day to children?

Today, at least one children’s day is observed in at least 90 nations throughout the world each year on at least 50 distinct calendar dates.

What is the best way to teach children to read?

The best way is to teach them letters and the sounds they make. You can read along with them and expand reading selections to help them learn new words.

Why is functional literacy important in a child’s life?

It is important because it gives a child a strong sense of well-being and expands his or her understanding of the world. Literacy creates opportunities to learn skills, helping people to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Day of the Child Activities

  1. Throw a children’s party

    Throw a party where children can participate in activities such as face painting, storytelling, and plays. You may include fun games such as musical chairs and word games that help with their vocabulary and literacy.

  2. Become a kid sponsor

    Sponsor a child through UNICEF every month. Your contribution (no matter how small) makes a big difference in a child’s life.

  3. Spend some time around the neighborhood

    Organize an event in your village to encourage adults to spend quality time with their children and those in the neighborhood. Gather them in a local park or participate in an event put up by the local council.

5 Interesting Facts About Children’s Literacy

  1. Many Americans are functionally illiterate

    According to statistics, about 45 million Americans cannot read beyond the capacity of a fifth grader.

  2. Books contain 50% more words

    Books intended for kids contain 50% more words they won’t encounter in everyday conversation, or by watching T.V. or listening to the radio.

  3. Two-year-olds learn spoken words

    Children learn almost 300 more words when they reach the age of two if their mothers often speak to them.

  4. Poor kids have fewer books at home

    About 61% of low-income families can’t give their children books to read at home.

  5. Some forget their reading skills

    About 80% of children in economically challenged communities lose their reading skills while they’re in their summer break owing to a lack of access to books.

Why We Love Day of the Child

  1. Children are our future

    It takes time for things to change. We’re talking about generations when we say “time.” It all starts with today’s youngsters if we want them to be successful in life.

  2. Learning and fun can go together

    Although the first Day of the Child in Mexico was more about safeguarding the rights of children all around the globe, it serves as a reminder that children learn best when they are having fun. It is part of proper childhood development. Also, children who read for pleasure benefit best from what education can offer.

  3. It increases public awareness

    This day raises awareness of the fact that millions of children throughout the world lack access to education and reading materials. It is a wake-up call for all governments to build many public and school libraries. To motivate children to read, they need to have access to a wide range of books and information that engages them.

Day of the Child dates

2025April 30Wednesday
2026April 30Thursday
2027April 30Friday
2028April 30Sunday
2029April 30Monday

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