National Honesty Day – April 30, 2019

Tue Apr 30

We know the different types of lies. We’ve spared someone’s feelings or fudged the truth just a little or maybe told an all out lie. National Honesty Day on April 30 challenges us to be truthful in all we do. The day was created in the early 1990s by M. Hirsh Goldberg, author of “The Book of Lies.” He placed the day strategically on the last day of April to balance out April Fool’s Day at the beginning of the month.

So — how often do you lie? Check out our survey just to make sure you’re telling the truth.

National Honesty Day Media Coverage

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National Honesty Day - Survey Results


Additional Findings

#1: White lie (a harmless lie)
#2: Lie by omission (only revealing parts of the truth (18%)
#3: Lies to yourself (e.g. I like my job; my friend’s actions didn’t hurt my feelings) (16%)
#4: Appearance lie (e.g. that dress looks good on you) (15%)
#5: Relationship lie (e.g. lying about having cheated) (5%)
#6: Identity lie (e.g. lying to a person at a bar about who you are) (5%)
#7: Intended hurtful lie (e.g. you’re ugly; I never liked you) (4%)
#8: Compulsive lies (I feel compelled to spread mistruths) (3%)

National Honesty Day Activities

  1. Answer questions truthfully all day long

    Go on, try your best to keep truthful. It shouldn’t be that difficult if you’re a good soul.

  2. Open up to someone truthfully

    Been holding something back, aching to tell someone something important? Go for it today.

  3. Be more transparent

    If you’re a leader in the workplace, it’s a good time to be transparent by communicating less over email and become more personally engaged with your employees via face-to-face and/or video interaction and with greater frequency. This will not only build trust, but more importantly set-forth a precedent that will establish a new type of loyalty and attitude that will ripple throughout the organization.

Why We Love National Honesty Day

  1. Honesty builds trust

    Honesty goes a long way. People get ahead by making the right choices and showing that they are trustworthy. This builds trust, which is essential for teamwork.

  2. The worst truth is better than the best lie

    Sometimes when we lie, it can start a snowball effect, and we ultimately are found out. Trust in the notion that the truth always finds a way to surface, so just own up.

  3. We can’t read each other’s minds

    Being honest doesn’t just mean telling factual truth, but also being truthful about the way you’re feeling