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National Acoustic Soul Day – March 27, 2025

National Acoustic Soul Day is celebrated every March 27 in the United States (U.S.). This is a day to recognize the life, achievements, and career of India Arie, an American singer, and songwriter who debuted her successful studio album “Acoustic Soul.” Her career has included ten world tours, five Top Ten albums, numerous B.E.T. Awards, N.A.A.C.P. Image Awards, M.T.V. Awards, 22 Grammy Nominations (four of which she won), performances for three U.S. Presidents, and numerous collaborations with entertainment industry tastemakers. The day is an opportunity to show appreciation for her dedication, accomplishments, and service throughout her career.

History of National Acoustic Soul Day

India Arie is a singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. Her parents are Joyce and Ralph Simpson, who encouraged her musical skills in her younger years. Her mother was a Motown music artist who had an opening performance for Stevie Wonder and Al Green when she was a teenager. India’s mother is now her stylist. Arie is African-American and descends from the Mende people of Sierra Leone, the Kru people of Liberia, and the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau.

When India was 13, her parents divorced, and her mother moved the family to Atlanta, Georgia. Her schooling in Denver helped her achieve success in her musical instruments, and her passion for guitar led to a personal discovery about songwriting and performing. She told the press that she got a direct result from writing songs, as when she started tapping into her own sensitivity, she began to understand people better.

India’s most famous album is her debut album, “Acoustic Soul,” released on March 27, 2001. The album received positive comments and achieved commercial success. “Acoustic Soul” debuted at 10 on the Billboard 200 and three on the Top R & B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in the U.S. It only took a few months for “Acoustic Soul” to be certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. It sold 2,180,000 copies in the U.S. and 3,000,000 copies worldwide. It also received a gold certification from the British Phonographic Industry and platinum by Music Canada. “Acoustic Soul” was a hit in that era.

National Acoustic Soul Day timeline

India Arie is Born

India Arie Simpson is born in Denver, Colorado.

Arie’s Family Moves to Atlanta

Following her parents’ divorce, her mother decides to move the family to Atlanta.

“Acoustic Soul” is Released

Arie launches her debut album, “Acoustic Soul,” which lands at number 10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and number three on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Nominations for Grammy

She is nominated for seven Grammy awards but does not win any.

National Acoustic Soul Day FAQs

What is the characteristic of acoustic?

Its main characteristic is using instruments that require no electricity, making it generally a quieter and more relaxing genre.

What is considered an acoustic instrument?

Acoustic instruments can generate sound without the need for electricity, amplifiers, or computers. It is produced by using force to make the instrument vibrate.

What is the difference between acoustic and normal songs?

Acoustic music consists of songs created specifically for acoustic instruments. Meanwhile, normal songs are the ones that are recorded based on the original composition.

National Acoustic Soul Day Activities

  1. Listen to Arie’s best songs

    If you have never listened to Arie, now is your chance to do so. You can search for her on Spotify and start enjoying her beautiful music.

  2. Take a guitar lesson

    Acoustic music is characterized by the sound of guitars. This day could be an opportunity to take a guitar lesson and try something new!

  3. Go to an Arie concert

    Check on the internet when Arie is going to hold her next concert and make sure you have your ticket. Nothing compares to listening to music live.

5 Facts About India Arie That You Need To Know

  1. A Grammy winner

    Receiving 23 nominations, India Arie is a four-time Grammy winner.

  2. Fifth studio album

    Arie produced her fifth studio album called “Songversation” in March 2013.

  3. Meaningful lyrics

    "I’m not the average girl from your video, and I ain’t built like a supermodel, but I learned to love myself unconditionally because I am a queen," is one of her lyrics that depicts self-acceptance.

  4. She celebrates her roots in a song

    One of Arie’s songs, titled ‘I Am Not My Hair,’ is about her origin as an American-African woman.

  5. She made the music political

    In July 2017, India Arie released a single called ‘Breathe’ as a tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Why We Love National Acoustic Soul Day

  1. Acoustic music is good for concentration

    Acoustic music allows the brain to unwind, which can help with concentration. It is very helpful for people who have demanding jobs and are emotionally exhausted.

  2. It is a day to enjoy music anywhere

    Music is very important for our mental health. It can help you relax, change your mood, sleep, or even give you energy.

  3. Music gives us messages

    Songwriters give us important messages through music. There are messages about discrimination, love, hate, etc.

National Acoustic Soul Day dates

2025March 27Thursday
2026March 27Friday
2027March 27Saturday
2028March 27Monday
2029March 27Tuesday

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