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Ultra Music Festival – March 28-30, 2025

Ultra Music Festival is celebrated every last weekend in March annually and this year, it takes place from March 28 to 30. It began as a ‘little concert on the beach’ more than two decades ago and has grown into one of the world’s largest musical celebrations, attracting the most famous electronic music artists worldwide to the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. Ultra Music Festival, which takes place in the sparkling environment of Downtown Miami, has evolved into a platform for D.Js and producers, where you’re likely to hear new songs from big-name singers performed live for the first time.

History of Ultra Music Festival

The first Ultra Music Festival, held on the shores of Miami Beach in 1999, was the culmination of a series of electronic music events, with Russell Faibisch serving as the festival’s C.E.O., Chairman, and Executive Producer. In 2019, over 170,000 music fans packed the waterfront venue in Miami for the sold-out event. Ultra and Ultra Worldwide are the world’s largest and most successful independent electronic music festival brands, and they are also the world’s most global music festival brands, having traveled to over 100 countries.

Over 22 years, the Ultra Festival has held events in 26 cities and 29 countries among others. The festival has been refining its strategy in Miami for more than two decades to deliver the most diverse electronic talents as well as the most technologically capable large-scale festival productions feasible.

The Ultra brands were the first to offer a livestream experience with Ultra Live (which has received 2.3 billion views on livestream and artist-uploaded sets since 2012) and an audio broadcasting platform with U.M.F. Radio. Both of these innovations were launched by the Ultra brands. After connecting Miami’s thriving community of music fans and industry insiders with the Ultra Music Festival and Ultra’s Miami Music Week, which is anchored by the Ultra Music Festival, in 2018, the Ultra Worldwide brand publicly stated the acquisition of Miami’s Winter Music Conference through an affiliate organization.

Ultra Music Festival timeline

Development of the Brand

Russell Faibisch, the company's C.E.O., Chairman, and Executive Producer, develops the Ultra brand concerning live events in Miami.

Inaugural Ultra Music Festival

A new music festival opens on the beaches of Miami Beach with the first Ultra Music Festival.


Through an affiliate, Ultra Worldwide announces that it has acquired Miami's Winter Music Conference.

21 Years of Ultra Music Festival

The internationally acclaimed music festival celebrates its anniversary from March 29 to 31, marking the occasion as the festival's 21st anniversary.

Ultra Music Festival FAQs

Who are the owners of the Ultra Music Festival?

Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes are the founders of the company. Live events have been a part of the Ultra brand from its inception in Miami in 1997 when Russell Faibisch started producing electronic music events that culminated in the first-ever Ultra Music Festival on Miami Beach two years after.

What cities hold Ultra Music Festival?

In addition to producing events in 26 cities and 29 countries, Ultra festivals have taken place on all six inhabited continents, in places as diverse as Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Chile; China; Colombia; Croatia; India; Japan; Korea; Mexico; Singapore; South Africa; Taiwan; and a host of other places.

Is the Ultra Music Festival open to people of all ages?

It is only open to those who are 18 years of age or older.

Ultra Music Festival Activities

  1. Attend the festival

    You can attend the festival to enjoy the lineup and acts that are going to be present. You can also attend with friends, family, and/or your partner to fully immerse yourself in the experience with loved ones.

  2. Watch the livestream

    You may not be able to attend the music festival for any reason, which is why you can watch the livestream. Host a party with your loved ones and you can all watch the event unfold over the days it will hold.

  3. Have fun with friends

    If you cannot attend the festival or you cannot watch the livestream, you can always have fun with your friends. Hang out and listen to some electronic music with your friends.

5 Tips To Enjoy Ultra Music Festival

  1. Use public transit

    Parking and traffic near the festival might be difficult, so taking public transit is advised due to spike pricing and trip shortages with ride-hailing platforms.

  2. Book a hotel nearby

    Consider booking a hotel nearby, so you can get to the festival on foot.

  3. Dress appropriately

    As an outdoor celebration, you should dress appropriately, take a refillable water bottle and refill at the many stations around the festival while keeping in mind to wear light, breathable clothing, and sunscreen.

  4. Stay hydrated

    If you drink alcohol, remember to stay hydrated.

  5. Ultra app

    Ultra includes an app that notifies you of any modifications to the schedule.

Why We Love Ultra Music Festival

  1. It’s a global brand

    Since its inception as a one-day festival, Ultra has grown into a global brand that has inspired similar festivals in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. However, Miami continues to be the focal point, attracting tens of thousands of people from all over the world, as well as practically every major name in electronic music and dance culture.

  2. It’s electronic music for all

    Ultra Music Festival celebrates electronic music in all forms so that all electronic music fans can enjoy it. The festival features hundreds of performers for three days, with enough to please electronic music aficionados of every genre.

  3. It unites electronic music lovers

    It is a public music festival that brings together electronic music lovers to celebrate the genre they love. It gives music lovers a chance to express themselves, see their favorite musicians and connect with fellow electro-heads.

Ultra Music Festival dates

2022March 25Friday
2023March 24Friday
2024March 29Friday
2025March 28Friday
2026March 27Friday

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