August 7th holidays

August 7th is the 219th day in the Gregorian calendar. In 1959, America launched the Explorer 6. In 1987, Central American leaders gathered for peace talks. In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would run for office. Charlize Theron and Mike Trout were born on this day. August 7th marks National Lighthouse Day and National Purple Heart Day.

We have 7 holidays listed for August 7.


National Friendship Day

Friendships are the purest type of human relationships. Let's celebrate the importance of loving platonic relationships.


National Sisters Day

Sisters have a deep connection that grows throughout childhood and remains strong throughout life.


American Family Day

This day celebrates the bonds that laid the foundation for our lives, be it blood or otherwise.


National Lighthouse Day

We celebrate how these scenic, historic structures comforted travelers throughout the centuries.


Professional Speakers Day

Get your mics ready to talk about all the great information we have about professional speakers.


Psychic Day

This day recognizes the power of psychics and raises awareness about this ability.


Purple Heart Day

We remember and honor the men and women who bravely represented and sacrificed for their country.