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ThuAug 3

India Pale Ale Day – August 3, 2023

India Pale Ale Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of August, which falls on August 3 this year. This day has been created to celebrate the drink called India Pale Ale! India Pale Ale is a type of beer that has high levels of alcohol.

It is a hobby style of beer, with hops referring to the flowers of the hop flowers, which are used for flavoring and bittering beer. I.P.A. is characterized by its fruit, or floral aromas and flavors. I.P.A. Day is not just an American celebration, although it is celebrated internationally. This day celebrates beer in this style wherever people brew and drink I.P.A.s.

History of India Pale Ale Day

Founded in 2011 by Ashley Routson, I.P.A. Day is a global celebration of craft beer. It is a universal movement to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide. This day was originally developed as a social media-based holiday but has expanded into a worldwide party, boasting hundreds of I.P.A.-themed events and celebrations all over the globe.

Something interesting about this day is that I.P.A. Day is not meant to serve any particular beer brand, and it is not the brainchild of a corporate marketing machine. I.P.A. Day is an opportunity for all breweries, bloggers, businesses, and beer lovers to gather and share their love for craft beer. It is a perfect day for the entire craft beer culture to combine forces and advocate craft beer through increased education and global awareness.

Several different types of India Pale Ales are produced today, including a lot of different sub-styles. Examples of these sub-styles are the Double India Pale Ales, which are also called Imperial India Pale Ales. These beers represent a very hoppy and strong type of India Pale Ale, which usually has an alcohol content that is more than 7.5 % in volume. The style is believed to have originated with Vinnie Cilurzo, who is the owner of California’s Russian River Brewing Company.

India Pale Ale Day timeline

I.P.A. Is Developed

This type of beer is developed in 1840 in England.

An I.P.A. Festival Is Held

An I.P.A. festival is held in 1993 in England.

Indian Pale Ale Day Is Created

This day is created by A.Routson, who is known amongst the craft beer community as The Beer Wench.

American-Style India Pale Ale

At the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, I.P.A. is the most-entered style category with 336 entries.

India Pale Ale Day FAQs

Why is India pale ale called India?

It was too hot to brew beer in India, so what was needed was a beer that could survive the grueling six-month journey from Britain intact.

Why is it called pale ale?

The term “pale ale” derives from the “pale” malts used by English breweries like Bass & Co.

Who drinks beer the most?

The Czech Republic is number one in drinking beer.

India Pale Ale Day Activities

  1. Organize an I.P.A. Day event

    If you have a brewery, brewpub, restaurant, or bar, you can organize an I.P.A. day event. You can also arrange a party at your home and invite friends to drink I.P.A. all night long.

  2. Share posts on social media

    You can share your photos, videos, tasting notes, recipes, and thoughts on I.P.A. with the world on your social media account. Be sure to use the hashtag.

  3. Encourage someone to try I.P.A.

    Become a craft beer steward in your community. Encourage non-craft beer drinkers to change their normal beverage routine and join the collective toast on I.P.A. Day.

5 Main Types Of Beers

  1. Ale

    This beer dates back to antiquity being the oldest style of beer.

  2. Lager

    Lagers are a newer style of beer that is quite different from ales.

  3. Porter

    Porter beers have dark black color and are known for their roasted malt aroma and notes.

  4. Stout

    Stouts taste less sweet than porters and they offer a bitter coffee taste, which comes from unmalted roasted barley that is added to the wort.

  5. Blonde Ale

    Thanks to its light malt sweetness and trace of hops, which add aroma, this type of beer is easy to drink.

Why We Love India Pale Ale Day

  1. Everyone loves beer

    Beer tastes and makes you feel good. It is also refreshing since there’s nothing like sipping on a cold, fizzy beer on a hot day.

  2. It is historical and cultural

    Beer was consumed by ancient farmers, so by drinking beer we're following an ancient tradition that brought joy to people’s lives throughout history. Countries, states, and even cities have their specialty when it comes to beer.

  3. It is good for our health

    Although beer is an alcoholic drink, it is used for preventing diseases of the heart. It also helps against diseases of the circulatory system, including coronary heart disease, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

India Pale Ale Day dates

2022August 4Thursday
2023August 3Thursday
2024August 1Thursday
2025August 7Thursday
2026August 6Thursday

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