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WedAug 7

National Raspberries n’ Cream Day – August 7, 2024

National Raspberries N’ Cream Day is observed on August 7 annually in the United States. The raspberry season is at its peak around this time in the northern hemisphere, which is why you can’t afford to miss out on celebrating this day. You will find raspberries at the supermarket, on the streets in food stalls, and in almost every grocery store.

Prepare to eat this exotic fruit in whatever form you like. One tradition that goes as far back as some of the first agricultural communities is eating raspberries with cream — a tasty way for people to enjoy their midsummer crops.

History of National Raspberries n’ Cream Day

Red raspberries, which have existed throughout Europe for centuries, are believed to have originated from Turkey and spread throughout Mediterranean Europe. Fourth-century writings of the Roman agriculturist, Palladius, contained records of the domestication of raspberries. Following the discovery of raspberry seeds at Roman forts in Britain, it’s believed that the Romans spread their cultivation throughout Europe.

Wild berries were considered medicinal and decorative in Medieval Europe; the juice served as paint in art and ink for manuscripts. During this period, only the rich could savor their tasty bounty. King Edward I (1272 to 1307) was the first person to call for the cultivation of berries. By the 17th century, British gardens had a rich yield of berries and berry bushes. One century later, in Europe, berry cultivation practices had spread.

By the time Europeans arrived in America, Native Americans were already utilizing and eating berries. Native Americans were nomads; thus, they dried berries to preserve and transport them easily. Europeans also brought raspberries that were native to Europe with them to the new colonies. In 1771, William Price sold the first commercial nursery plants. George Washington moved to Mount Vernon, where he began to cultivate berries in his extensive gardens in 1761. By 1867, over 40 different varieties of raspberries became known. After the Civil War, major production areas emerged in the regions of New York, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. Approximately 2,000 acres were in cultivation by 1880.

National Raspberries n’ Cream Day timeline

King Edward I Calls For Cultivation

After King Edward’s call for berry cultivation, British gardens richly yield berries and berry bushes.

George Washington Cultivates Berries

Washington moves to his estate in Mount Vernon and starts cultivating berries in his extensive gardens.

The First Commercial Nursery Plants Sale

William Price sells the first commercial nursery plants.

New Raspberry Varieties Arise

Over 40 different varieties are known.

National Raspberries n’ Cream Day FAQs

Are raspberries good for your skin?

Due to their high antioxidant content, they help your skin look younger, thus making your skin age slower.

Are raspberries all year round?

Raspberries were once a midsummer crop. However, with new technology, cultivars, and transportation, you can now enjoy these sweet berries all year.

What are the tastiest raspberry?

Tulameen, Caroline, Anne, and Himbo Top are some of the tastiest raspberry varieties.

National Raspberries n’ Cream Day Activities

  1. Explore new recipes

    You can try out new raspberry recipes. There are many ways to enjoy raspberries — you can eat them baked or iced.

  2. Eat fresh berries

    Although there are numerous ways of eating raspberries, one of the most enjoyable is eating them fresh off the shrub. Buy them at the supermarket or from almost every grocery store.

  3. Order a raspberry dessert

    You can decide to go to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner with friends. While at it, order a raspberry dessert.

5 Facts About Raspberries

  1. Raspberries belong to the rose family

    Raspberries and strawberries are members of the same family — they belong to the rose family.

  2. Raspberries can be of different variety

    There are over 200 species of raspberries.

  3. Raspberries can be of different colors

    Raspberries can be four different colors; however, red and black are the most common.

  4. Raspberries are rich in Vitamins

    Raspberries contain Vitamin C and produce more fiber per calorie than other common fruits.

  5. Raspberries are very delicate

    Ensure you do not wash them until they’re ready to be used.

Why We Love National Raspberries n’ Cream Day

  1. Raspberries are delicious

    You can eat them in almost any form — fresh, iced, baked, with cream, as the principal ingredient of a cake, or with chocolate. The berries are also yummy, hence their popularity.

  2. Raspberries are healthy

    They are proven to lower blood pressure and provide potassium for normal heart functioning. Raspberries also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent stroke and heart disease.

  3. Raspberries contain minerals

    They also contain manganese, a mineral necessary for healthy bones and skin and blood sugar regulation. We love them for this reason!

National Raspberries n’ Cream Day dates

2024August 7Wednesday
2025August 7Thursday
2026August 7Friday
2027August 7Saturday
2028August 7Monday

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