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WedAug 7

National Sea Serpent Day – August 7, 2024

National Sea Serpent Day on August 7 is observed in commemoration of one of the most common sea serpent sightings. Sea serpents, also known as sea dragons, were prevalent in ancient myths and are commemorated on Sea Serpent Day. They were possibly inspired, in part, by the enormous oarfish, which may grow to be 50 feet long and are rarely seen because they dwell thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface.

History of National Sea Serpent Day

National Sea Serpent Day remembers sightings of sea serpents as well as the many other stories that have been told about them. Serpents are typically portrayed as dangerous monsters, as opposed to their so-called predecessor, the innocuous oarfish.

During their voyage to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic in August 1848, men and officers aboard the HMS Daedalus reported witnessing a 60-foot-long creature poking its maned head and torso out of the water.

One can only imagine the awe and wonder they must have felt upon sighting such a creature. Other stories have emerged over the years of equally incredible sightings. Each story, unsurprisingly, presents different facts that often dispute other accounts. The stories, however, continue to spread.

A sea serpent is a mythological and legendary aquatic beast that resembles a gigantic snake. The belief in enormous sea animals was common across the ancient world. Large water species such as whales, sharks, and sea lions have, in many cases, been mistaken for sea serpents. Cryptozoologists, on the other hand, believe that sea serpents are relict plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, or other Mesozoic marine reptiles.

Serpent sightings are the stuff of folklore. We may call them marine sirens. Cetus is the name given to the sea creature in Greek mythology. The Kraken was mentioned by the Vikings. Even we land-locked New World beings have names for the serpents that reside in the watery depths of our major lakes and waterways.

National Sea Serpent Day timeline

384 B.C.
Aristotle's Historia Animalium

In his book, Aristotle mentions an eyewitness who saw a sea serpent, which might be the earliest available account.

Newspaper Articles

The sailors aboard the HMS Daedalus and HMS Plumper claim to have seen a sea serpent.

A More Detailed Explanation

Part of the fascination with sea monsters stems from the notion that science can now explain what had previously been myth and legend.

Contentions by Gary J. Galbreath

Galbreath releases his arguments to prove the sea serpent observed by HMS Daedalus was a sei baleen whale.

National Sea Serpent Day FAQs

Is there such a thing as a sea serpent?

Sea snakes exist and the biggest can grow to be around nine feet long, which is amazing enough to inspire legends. Although several of these snakes are venomous, they rarely endanger humans.

Can you control sea serpents?

Sea serpents, according to legend, are hostile creatures that cannot be tamed. They attack by either blasting forceful jets of water beams or even fire.

What does a sea snake symbolize?

The sea serpent symbolizes supernatural power, protection, and resurrection.

National Sea Serpent Day Activities

  1. Watch a documentary

    There are numerous documentaries on sea serpents and their habitats. Spend the day learning about how the world affects them.

  2. Find out more about them

    Use National Sea Serpent Day to learn about native sea snakes. Learn which ones are lethal and how to spot them. You might also read old stories about how they were utilized in medicine or dive into modern literature to see what role they play in it.

  3. Organize a drawing class

    Hold a drawing class or a contest in which everyone draws and paints a sea serpent. The session should be instructive while also producing excellent pieces of art.

5 Interesting Facts About Sea Snakes

  1. The tail is everything

    While it is impracticable to study the D.N.A. of every snake-like organism encountered, sea snakes can be distinguished from their land-based cousins by their paddle-like tails.

  2. The Atlantic Ocean has no sea snakes

    Sea snakes mostly dwell in the Indian and Pacific Oceans' tropical and subtropical seas.

  3. Capable of giving birth in the sea

    Most sea snakes are ovoviviparous, which means that females give birth to live babies from eggs kept in the snake's body.

  4. Sea snakes can die of thirst

    "Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink," is a well-known saying that also applies to sea snakes.

  5. They require oxygen

    Sea snakes are reptiles that require oxygen to survive.

Why We Love National Sea Serpent Day

  1. It advances the study of sea snakes

    On this day, everyone is urged to spend time researching and learning about sea snakes native to their region. It’s bound to be interesting.

  2. It brings attention to the sea creatures

    National Sea Serpent Day encourages understanding of many sea critters. It is a way to increase people's awareness of their position in the circle of life.

  3. Preservation

    This day is observed to commemorate sea serpents. We cannot let these animals “go extinct” as it symbolizes ancient memories and imagery.

National Sea Serpent Day dates

2024August 7Wednesday
2025August 7Thursday
2026August 7Friday
2027August 7Saturday
2028August 7Monday

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