January 30th holidays

January 30th is the thirtieth day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan closed after the Russian invasion; Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Hindu extremist Nathuram Godse; and Yerba Buena, California was renamed San Fransisco. Famous birthdays include Vanessa Redgrave, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Gene Hackman. January 30th also marks National Croissant Day.

We have 6 holidays listed for January 30.


National Croissant Day

Channel your inner Parisian baker today and say "oui" to these buttery treats!


National Draw A Dinosaur Day

Bring out your pencils, colors, and paintbrushes and step back into the Jurassic world.


National Escape Day

Get going or do nothing — whatever you feel helps you enjoy life in the moment.


School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Come, let's motivate our future leaders to seek a path of non-violence and universal peace.


World Leprosy Day

Leprosy is a reality and, together, we need to care for the people affected by it.


Yodel For Your Neighbors Day

Take a stroll through your neighborhood and yodel along with your neighbors!