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Christian Charles Philip Bale is an English actor who was born on January 30, 1974. He has been a leading actor in films of various genres, and is known for his versatility and repeated physical modifications to perform his characters. Bale made his film debut at the age of 13 in Steven Spielberg’s 1987 military picture “Empire of the Sun.” He achieved broader fame for his depictions of serial murderer Patrick Bateman in the black comedy “American Psycho” (2000) and the eponymous part in the psychological thriller “The Machinist” after more than a decade of appearing in leading and supporting roles in films (2004). We’ll help you celebrate his birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Christian Charles Philip Bale

Birth date:

January 30, 1974



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$120 million

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Christian Charles Philip Bale was born on January 30, 1974. His mother, Jenny James, was born in England, while his father, David Charles Howard Bale, was born in South Africa. Bale has two sisters as well as a half-sister from his father’s first marriage. He spent much of his childhood in England, Portugal, and the U.S. He had his primary schooling at Bournemouth School. His mother had a strong influence on young Bale, who was interested in the performing arts.

In 1982, he made his acting debut as a child prodigy in a commercial for the fabric softener Lenor. There was no turning back after that, as he was inundated with assignments. In 1984, he made his formal theater debut opposite Rowan Atkinson in the play “The Nerd.” Two years later, he made his big-screen debut in “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna,” as Tsarevich Alexei. After a few more appearances, he made his breakthrough in 1987 with Steven Spielberg’s film “Empire of the Sun.” The film was a box office smash, with him winning multiple prizes for his flawless portrayal of the character of Jim Graham. He was a part of Kenneth Branagh’s massive star cast in Kenneth Branagh’s updated rendition of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in 1999. With the release of “American Psycho” in 2000, he achieved his dream run at the box office. He gave a spectacular performance as Patrick Bateman, entirely altering himself to meet the demands of the character. The film became a cult classic. His various acting abilities and unlimited talent piqued the interest of directors, who placed him in a variety of roles following the phenomenal success of “American Psycho.” To begin, he played a Greek fisherman in John Madden’s adaptation of Captain Corelli’s “Mandolin,” a best-selling novel. In Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins,” he played the title role of Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne. Unlike its predecessors in the genre, the picture was a smash hit, with theaters around the world packed. His flawless depiction of the character got him a handful of awards.

In the years that followed, he made prominent appearances in blockbuster films such as “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third installment in the Batman trilogy series, was released in 2012 to crowded theaters. As a result, he became the longest-serving actor to play Batman on film. He has also appeared in films such as “Out of the Furnace” (2013), “Knight of Cups” (2015), and “Ford v Ferrari” (2019). He will also appear in upcoming films such as “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2022) and “The Pale Blue Eye” (2022). Bale married Sandra Blazic, a former model and make-up artist, in 2000. The couple is the proud parents of two children.

Career timeline

His First Television Appearance

Bale makes his acting debut as a child prodigy in a commercial for the fabric softener Lenor.

He Lands his Big Screen Debut

Bale lands a minor role in "Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna," as Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich.

He Stars in “American Psycho”

Bale plays Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho,” to much critical acclaim.

He Lands the Role of Batman

Bale plays the title role of Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

The Three-time People’s Choice Award Winner

Bale wins ‘Favorite Superhero,’ ‘Favorite On-Screen Match-Up,’ and ‘Favorite Cast’ for “The Dark Knight.”

The Three-Time People’s Choice Award Winner

Bale is nominated for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role’ for his role in “Vice.”

Why We Love Christian Bale

  1. His growth

    Bale has evolved into the terrific star that he is as a result of the classic trial. He has adapted many times, from the pop star era to melancholy and scandal flicks, making his movies blockbusters.

  2. He likes his space

    Aside from being a superstar, what we admire most about him is that he separates his screen and real-life lives and devotes equal attention to both. He rarely speaks to the press on his own and keeps his loved ones out of the spotlight. Because the real-life Bale is unknown to us, we appreciate his on-screen personality even more.

  3. He elevates the entire genre

    You must have seen how the presence of Bale in a film alters the ambiance of the film. Perhaps because of his tremendous acting abilities, "Batman Begins" had a more psychological tinge due to his presence, which distinguished it from the previous superhero films. Regardless of the genre of the film in which he appears, he provides the character with a unique edge that is mirrored across the genre.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He isn’t a fan of superhero films

    You might be surprised considering his superhero portrayals in movies; the actor has not even seen any of the Avengers films.

  2. He would have starred in “Titanic”

    Bale auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson but James Cameron refused to cast a British actor in the starring role of an American.

  3. He had a feud with Leonardo DiCaprio

    Losing the role of Jack Dawson to DiCaprio started a feud between them.

  4. He landed a competitive role

    Bale was one of 4,000 auditionees for the role of Jim Graham in "Empire of the Sun," and Steven Spielberg chose him over others.

  5. Drew Barrymore dumped him

    Bale developed a crush on Barrymore, but she ghosted him after only one date.

Christian Bale FAQs

Does Christian Bale have anger problems?

According to a book, his former publicist had to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder due to the actor’s explosive anger.

Who is the guy Christian Bale yelled at?

He yelled at Shane Hurlbut.

Does Christian Bale smile?

His smile is one of the most notable smiles in Hollywood.

Christian Bale’s birthday dates

2025January 30Thursday
2026January 30Friday
2027January 30Saturday
2028January 30Sunday
2029January 30Tuesday

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