Biggy Norris

Biggy Norris, born on January 30, 2009, is a member of The Norris Nuts family channel. He began his social media presence thanks to his dad, who created his Instagram profile in 2015, and he slowly grew up to be one of the family’s most loved and spoiled members. Like a good Australian, Biggy enjoys surfing and does it so well. He also likes skateboarding and other outdoor activities, which get taped on camera and shared with more than two billion viewers worldwide. We love celebrating the birthday of any one of the Norrises!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Coda Cee ‘Biggy’ Norris


Biggy Norris

Birth date:

January 30, 2009



Zodiac Sign:



4' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$300 thousand

Coda's Social Media:


There was not a pre-fame Biggy Norris, born January 30, 2009. His parents, Justin and Brooke, have used social media to share their day-to-day life. He has five siblings: Charm, Disco, Sabre, Naz, and Sockie, all from the same parents, and all have a wide range of interests like Biggy. In 2011, Biggy started being home-schooled, which means that, like his siblings, he never attended a formal education institution. In 2014, they created The Norris Nuts channel on YouTube, and Biggy was featured in their first video.

In 2015, Justin Norris created Biggy’s Instagram profile, and his parents still manage it as of 2022. The topics of the videos that feature Biggy go from casual vlogs of vacations to him clowning around with his sisters to tasting food from around the world. We learned about Biggy’s skateboarding abilities when he filmed his first vlog in 2016. In that video, now deleted, he showed us his passion for skating, shopping with his family, and just speaking to the camera about his other interests.

That same year, he also uploaded his first-ever TikTok, which achieved 350,000 views and generated more than 3,000 comments. Starting in 2017, the family adopted more collective-oriented management since most of the kids deleted their solo accounts, and their other stand-alone social media are not as active as the Norris Nuts family social media. Sharing is caring.

Career timeline

“The Norris Nuts” YouTube Channel is Created

Justin and Brooke Norris create this channel, which has featured Biggy Norris since the beginning.

His Father Creates his Instagram

Justin Norris creates Biggy’s Instagram account and this is his first contact ever with the online world.

Biggy Launches his Solo YouTube Channel

His parents decide that Biggy’s personality was crushing enough to have his own YouTube channel and entertain millions of his fans.

Biggy Writes a Song

The song ‘So Pretty’ is released on “The Norris Nuts'' channel.

“The Norris Nuts” Release Two More Songs

The music videos of ‘Spare Time’ and ‘Trolling Troop’ are uploaded to the family channel. Biggy

Why We Love Biggy Norris

  1. He has a lot of self-confidence

    Self-esteem is good for mental health, and seeing Biggy’s self-confidence may inspire kids his age struggling with self-acceptance. We love this about him!

  2. He loves animals

    Let the number of pets he has had speak for itself. He loves them very much, takes care of them, and mourns them when they pass on.

  3. He has the Olympic spirit

    He says he wants to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in disciplines like surfing and skateboarding. We can’t wait!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His 12th birthday was sabotaged

    His family sabotaged his birthday as a prank.

  2. Fans thought he was really a girl

    Fans used to tease the family for Biggy’s haircut, which ‘made him look like a girl.’

  3. Biggy’s father is an Olympic medalist

    His father, Justin, was a swimmer representing Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

  4. He also loves dancing and traveling

    He has said many times in his YouTube videos that these are some of his favorite activities.

  5. Biggy is friends with Rebecca Zamolo

    Biggy has done a lot of TikTok collaborations with this internet personality from California.

Biggy Norris FAQs

Where do the Norris Nuts live in 2021?

They live in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

What happened to Biggy Norris’s dog?

The family puppy died suddenly after a ‘tragic accident’ involving one of Biggy’s siblings. The puppy was nine weeks old.

Does Biggy Norris publish on his own social media?

All of Biggy Norris’s social media are parent-managed.

Biggy Norris’s birthday dates

2025January 30Thursday
2026January 30Friday
2027January 30Saturday
2028January 30Sunday
2029January 30Tuesday

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