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FriJan 31

National Big Wig Day – January 31, 2025

National Big Wig Day is an annual celebration occurring on the last Friday of January. This year it falls on January 31. It’s a special day that allows anyone not only a place for special recognition as a “big wig” but also for them to showcase their fun sides by donning their favorite silly wigs. Just as people show off those wigs, the goal is to encourage as many people as possible to donate to the activities of the American Cancer Society, to fight the scourge of cancer. People are encouraged to donate as little as $1 for this cause.

History of National Big Wig Day

Today, wearing wigs has become a lifestyle and an important part of fashion in society, but its history dates back many centuries ago. The first record of the use of a wig is in ancient Egypt, where the people protected their shaved heads from the intensity of sunlight and lice by adorning them with wigs. This record is depicted in Egyptian ancient paintings and sculptures.

From the 16th to 18th century, the Europeans started using wigs as a way to combat the proliferation of baldness that ravaged them as a result of a syphilis epidemic. However, after the approval of King Louis XIV, the use of wigs became more pronounced as a form of fashion among the Europeans. Going forward, in the 20th-century wigs became more popular and accepted among women and various kinds and forms of wigs were introduced.

The National Big Wig Day was invented by Patty Sharkey on January 2, 2016. After a melancholic post-holiday, she posted a ‘wigged out’ selfie of herself wearing a raspberry and chocolate-colored curly wig on Facebook and captioned it “Happy National Wig Day.” Surprisingly, the reception was amazing and the responses from the people all around the United States were encouraging. Patty Sharkey thought of a way to share this silliness while creating a charity forum for a cause and came up with the popular National Big Wig Day every last Friday in January.

The major highlight of the National Big Wig Day is to get many people to give at least a dollar. The goal of the fundraising is to see that one million people give one dollar each to the American Cancer Society Look Good/Feel Better division. As a tradition, Sharkey nominates a Big Wig who inspires affection in all of us. And as we celebrate today, know that you have a Big Wig in you.

National Big Wig Day timeline

3000 B.C.
Ancient Egyptians Use Wigs

The first use of wigs in history is found among the Ancient Egyptians who use wigs as a means of covering their scalp from the intensity of sunlight.

Use of Wigs By Europeans

Europeans begin to wear wigs to cover baldness resulting from the syphilis epidemic.

Wig As Costumes

Wigs become popular among women and are used as a costume for celebrity glamor.

The Day is Established

National Big Wig Day is established by Patty Sharkey.

National Big Wig Day FAQs

What makes National Big Wig Day special?

The National Big Wig Day is special because, aside from the fun and the glamor of donning the wigs, the motive behind the celebration is the fact that we all can display the humanity, affection, and compassion in us to those who are ailing, by donating even as little as $1 to the American Cancer Society or any other organization that fights cancer.

Where is National Big Wig Day celebrated?

National Big Wig Day was started in 2016 in the United States by Patty Sharkey, but the celebration has spread farther beyond the shores of the U.S. to other countries where the goodwill behind the celebration is still much recognized.

When is National Big Wig Day?

The time and date of the National Big Wig Day celebration may differ from country to country, but the popular period usually observed in the United States is every last Friday of January.

National Big Wig Day Activities

  1. Wear your favorite wig

    What better ways are there to celebrate National Big Wig Day than donning your finest silly wig and joining others to have fun? Amazingly, you can make your day more engaging, memorable, and fun by taking selfies of yourself adorned in your silly wig and sharing them online with the hashtag #BigWigDay on your social media accounts

  2. Donate to Charity

    The most amazing aspect of National Big Wig Day is the donation we make to assuage the pains of others. The goal is to form a joint and united front to fight cancer by donating as little as one dollar to the American Cancer Society.

  3. Host a party

    Make this last Friday a memorable one with a special party where you have friends, family, and colleagues come over in their wigs. You can do some fundraising where everyone donates their token to combat cancer in our society.

5 Fun Facts About Big Wigs

  1. Everyone wears wild wigs

    The famous insignia of this celebration is the wild wig, readily available at shopping malls all around.

  2. One dollar for One Million

    The biggest goal of National Big Wig Day is to see one million people donate $1 each to show that even a single dollar from someone can make a huge impact.

  3. Periwig

    The word 'wig' as it is known today is short for 'periwig,' a word that made its first appearance in William Shakespeare’s "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."

  4. It is used as a costume

    Contrary to the opinion that wigs are used by people who suffer natural hair loss, many actors and popular personalities have used wigs throughout history as a part of their costumes.

  5. Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I of England was rumored to have about 150 different wigs in her collection.

Why We Love National Big Wig Day

  1. It brings out our awesomeness

    National Big Wig Day brings out the awesomeness in us. We firmly believe that you are the biggest inspiration in your life; you’re the “big wig” of your life, and your essence and awesomeness are not tied to your clothing size, model of car, or job title, but the quality of your deeds. This day reminds us that we are fabulous, together.

  2. Raising funds to help others

    National Big Wig Day is so important to us because we can donate funds to people who are suffering illnesses that endanger their lives and might put them in wig-wearing positions, like cancer. We encourage you to donate to this cause.

  3. It unites us

    It is so amazing how both young and old from different backgrounds and religious inclinations come together on this day to celebrate National Big Wig Day and raise funds to support people battling cancer. This day unites us and encourages us to support each other irrespective of our color or creed.

National Big Wig Day dates

2022January 28Friday
2023January 27Friday
2024January 26Friday
2025January 31Friday
2026January 30Friday

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