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Falls Festival History – December 2024

Falls Festival is held every year between December and January, usually ranging between December 28 and January 8. This year, it will be held from December 29 to January 8. It is a multi-day music festival held in Lorne (Victoria), Marion Bay (Tasmania), Byron Bay (New South Wales), and Fremantle (Western Australia). While it’s primarily called a music festival, there are many other types of artistic performances, such as dance, comedy, theater, circus, and cabaret. Music genres to expect include rock, hip hop, indie music, electronic music, blues, and roots. For the 2022 festival, the Lorne event will be relocated to Pennyroyal Plains in Murroon, and will not return to Marion Bay.

History of Falls Festival History

The story begins in 1993, with a small one-day concert held in Lorne, Victoria, named Rock Above The Falls. This first event attracted nearly 11,000 people, exceeding the organizers’ expectations, and they had to negotiate the use of neighboring land to accommodate the crowd. The festival became a two-day event in 1995, and the following year the name was changed to The Falls Music & Arts Festival. 1999 was the first time the festival was not held at Lorne, being moved to the Torquay site due to bad weather.

The 2003 festival was the first time two events were held simultaneously, one in Lorne, and an additional event at Marion Bay, Tasmania. The same performances took place at both events; the December 30 acts that played at Lorne, played December 31 at Marion Bay, and vice versa. Both the Lorne and Marion Bay festivals have continued to run simultaneously, except for the 2022 edition, and artists continue to be exchanged between the two locations throughout the festival. Subsequent festivals retained this two-location format.

Falls Festival won the 2008 FasterLouder Festival Award for ‘Best Lineup’ and the following year the Marion Bay site received the ‘Favorite Venue and Location’ award. They have also been awarded the ‘Excellence in Sustainability Victorian Tourism Awards’ from 2012, 2013, and 2014; ‘Outstanding in the Greener Festival Awards’ from the same years; ‘Major Festivals & Events Tasmanian Tourism Awards’ from 2013 and 2014; ‘Major Festival Australian Event Awards 2014;’ and ‘Victorian Live Event of the Year’ and ‘Tasmanian All Ages Achievement’ at the National Live Music Awards of 2019.

In 2013 the Byron edition of the event was introduced, increasing the reach of the festival across the country. In 2019, the festival at the Lorne site was canceled due to extreme bushfire risk during the 2019 — 2020 Australian bushfire season. The Marion Bay edition of the festival was unfortunately canceled permanently in 2021, with organizers citing low revenue from the event.

Falls Festival History timeline

Rock Above The Falls

The first event is a small one-day concert held in Lorne, Victoria with that name.

Name of the Festival Changes

It becomes Falls Music & Arts Festival.

Simultaneous Events

One is held at Lorne, and the other one at Marion Bay, Tasmania.

Falls Festival Wins Its First Award

They win the FasterLouder Festival Award for 'Best Lineup,' and many others follow later.

The Byron Edition Is Introduced

This increases the reach of the festival across the country.

Falls Festival History FAQs

How much are Falls Festival tickets?

Single-day tickets cost $189 A.U.D., while a three-day pass costs $379 A.U.D.

How old do you have to be to go to Falls Festival?

You need to be 18 years old to go on your own, minors must be accompanied by a ticket-holding parent, responsible adult guardian, or nominated eligible adult guardian aged 25 or older.

Where is Falls 2022 held?

In Birregurra, a town about 40 minutes inland of Lorne.

Falls Festival History Activities

  1. Enjoy the music concerts

    While the lineup is different each year, you can expect Australian legends such as Crooked Colours, Thundamentals, or G Flip. Musicians from other countries such as Vampire Weekend, Banks, and Yungblud have been in previous editions as well.

  2. Dance at the Byron Bay rave party

    Hidden behind a laundromat front, if you crawl through the third washing machine, you will find a secret rave party. It may sound like an easter egg from a video game, but we promise it’s very much real, and it continues even after the festival has officially wrapped up.

  3. Take part in The Falls Fiesta and The Village

    Beyond the music, the first one includes art camps, crafternoons, fancy dress themes, and a massive parade. The latter is a festival within a festival with yoga sessions, samba classes, circus workshops, puppetry, burlesque, and comedy.

5 Fun Facts About Falls Festival

  1. Approximately 13,000 people attend every year

    Almost all of them camp on-site, in unpowered car-camping tent sites.

  2. All locations have nearby beaches

    They are either within a walking distance or a short bus ride away.

  3. It’s one of the oldest national festivals

    Since it started in 1993, at the time of writing it’s almost 30 years old!

  4. Weather conditions

    In Marion Bay, it’s common that it rains for 10 minutes during the festival only for the wind to push the clouds away and unveil the beautiful sunshine.

  5. The 2022 lineup was almost all-Australian

    This was the plan for the canceled 2020 — 2021 edition to bolster the economy, and they may try it again.

Why We Love Falls Festival History

  1. It’s a way to support both international and national artists at the same time

    Many people get the most excited about the international musicians, while national ones can end up ignored. Thankfully, these kinds of events allow for both of them to get support no matter your preference.

  2. There are things to do from morning to midnight

    The Village and Falls Fiesta take place during the day, with comedians, art camps, yoga classes, and more. And at night, the music begins and some events even go past midnight.

  3. It’s fun for the whole family

    There are family-exclusive camping areas, and activities aimed at kids, such as face painting, beauty parlors, playgrounds, and sea views. But as you know, many others are aimed at adults, so it doesn’t become a drag for the parents either.

Falls Festival History dates

2022December 29Thursday
2023December 29Friday
2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday

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