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Constitution of Ireland
SunDec 29

Constitution of Ireland – December 29, 2024

The Constitution of Ireland was formed on December 29 and every year on this day, Ireland celebrates its ratification. Are you wondering why the Constitution is so important? Well, because without a solid Constitution set in place, the country becomes a lawless land. In fact, it is this very document that decides the rights of the citizens, the proceedings of the court, and the laws that a country follows. And since Ireland’s Constitution is within the tradition of liberal democracy, it is definitely something that needs to be celebrated!

History of Constitution of Ireland

Since its independence, the Constitution of the Irish Free State was the document used to govern the country. However, in 1937, this was replaced by the Constitution of Ireland since the Statute of Westminster 1931 granted parliamentary autonomy to the six British Dominions. The Irish Free State constitution on the other hand, was associated with the controversial Anglo-Irish Treaty which many had opposed. The new Constitution further dismantled some previous acts, and new and improved amendments were added. The Constitution of Ireland is a symbolic document that changed everything into Irish as well as English. This was done by recognizing English as a second official language in the Constitution.

Among other things, the Constitution of Ireland granted women the right to vote, as well as a right to citizenship on an equal basis with men. Article 41.2 states that the State recognizes that by her life within the home, a woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved. The State shall, therefore, endeavor to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labor to the neglect of their duties in the home.

Furthermore, the Constitution of Ireland guaranteed freedom of worship, and forbade the state from creating an established church. Articles such as these have a great impact on the perception of the citizens over a period of time. Moreover, the Constitution also decides all legal and other human rights commitments made by Ireland, including treaties under the United Nations, the European Convention of Human Rights, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Constitution of Ireland timeline

The New State

The Anglo-Irish Treaty establishes the Free State, a dominion independent of the British crown.

Start Afresh

The Irish Constitution is ratified by the Irish people in 1937.

Joining Hands

Ireland joins the European Economic Community.

Two Birds, One Stone

The government launches a 20-year strategy to create a bilingual, Irish and English-speaking society.

Constitution of Ireland FAQs

What is Ireland’s Constitution called?

The Irish Constitution is called Bunreacht na hÉireann.

Is the Constitution the basic law of Ireland?

This is a legal document that sets out how Ireland is governed. 

Who wrote the Irish Constitution?

The constitution was initially drafted by John Hearne.

How to Observe the Constitution of Ireland

  1. Watch a documentary

    To truly celebrate the Constitution of Ireland, search for a documentary that gives a complete account of how the document was formed and who created the text for it. You’re bound to learn many interesting facts.

  2. Celebrate Ireland

    The Constitution is for Ireland. So why not show your appreciation for the country and all that it has accomplished over the years?

  3. Light fireworks

    Invite family and friends to a designated fireworks spot and launch some beautiful fireworks. This is an activity people of all ages can enjoy.

5 Interesting Facts About Ireland

  1. The population

    Ireland's population is 4.9 million.

  2. The national symbol

    It’s the only country in the world to have a musical instrument, namely the harp, as its national symbol.

  3. A place with the longest name

    There is a place in Ireland known as Muckanaghederdauhaulia.

  4. Named after a goddess

    Ireland is named after a goddess that existed in their ancient history — Ériu.

  5. The longest river in Ireland

    River Shannon is the longest river in the country.

Why the Constitution of Ireland is Important

  1. It informs people of their rights

    The day is important since it celebrates the Constitution of Ireland. It stands as a reminder of the numerous rights provided to the people.

  2. It ensures justice

    The Constitution of a country ensures the justice system and provides an outline of how the country will run. Hence, the Constitution of Ireland greatly affects the country’s law and order systems.

  3. Blast from the past

    The day gives a historical outline of when the Constitution of the country was formed. We also learn more about why certain rules and regulations were formulated.

Constitution of Ireland dates

2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday
2028December 29Friday

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