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Tick Tock Day
SunDec 29

Tick Tock Day – December 29, 2024

Tick Tock Day is celebrated on December 29 every year. This day serves as a reminder that the year is coming to an end, so get around to finishing pending tasks on your to-do list! With the holiday season beginning in November, it is only natural that life becomes super busy and a lot of work gets pushed aside for later. Maybe you’ve wanted to clean up your home, or you’ve got to figure out your plans for New Year’s Day. Whatever the task, Tick Tock Day is a reminder that there are only two more days left of the year and you’d better get around to finishing the tasks you need to.

History of Tick Tock Day

Thomas Roy an American film, television, and voiceover actor was the creator of Tick Tock Day together with his wife Ruth Roy. The couple also came up with over 80 special days which are in the “Chase’s Calendar of Events.” One of those is Tick Tock Day. The day reminds people to get down to work on all the things they meant to accomplish before the year ends.

At the beginning of every year, people make resolutions for the New Year, taking the opportunity to look at what they want to change about themselves and their lives. Throughout the year they put in the work, but things slide when things get busier.

And nothing is busier than the holidays. From November, holidays are back to back, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, keeping people busy with planning and preparation from the beginning of November till Boxing Day. Tick Tock Day lets you relook at pending tasks. Try to see how many of those things need crossing off the list.

While Tick Tock Day is an opportunity to tie up any loose ends, it is also time to look at what tasks go into the new year and what should be crossed off from the list entirely.

Tick Tock Day timeline

Thomas Roy is Born

He would grow up to become an actor, and later come up with Tick Tock Day.

“Chase’s Calendar of Events” Starts

Started by brothers, this calendar compiles national holidays, events, and special days.

Thomas Roy Starts Inventing Holidays

Thomas and Ruth Roy establish Wellcat Holidays company for their copyrighted holidays.

The Wellcat Holidays Flourish

“Chase’s Calendar” publishes nearly 80 of the holidays by the Roys including Tick Tock Day.

Tick Tock Day FAQs

Is Tick Tock Day about clocks?

No, but it is about the passing of time and reminds us that the year is ending soon!

What do you do on Tick Tock Day?

This is the day when people get down to wrapping up all the work they need to finish before the end of the year. For some organizations, this is also the end of their financial year, so they get down to work on closing all their accounts. 

Why is it called Tick Tock Day?

Tick tock is the sound an analog clock makes as the hands move forward. So the day is named after the sound to remind us about time moving forward. 

How To Celebrate Tick Tock Day?

  1. Pull out your yearly resolutions

    It’s a great day to see if you can wrap up any of your resolutions for the year.

  2. Finish your holiday cleaning

    We know you’ve been meaning to do it, and what better day than Tick Tock Day?

  3. Get started on your New Year’s Resolution

    You’re only two days away from the new year after all!

5 Fun Facts About Tick Tock Day

  1. People have got married on this day

    We love that weddings have been hosted on a day to finish up things for the year.

  2. “Chase’s Calendar of Events” sold for $1

    This was back when the calendar was first started and had only 32 pages of content.

  3. Tick Tock Day isn’t a holiday

    It’s listed as a ‘special day’ just to serve as a reminder.

  4. The Roys have a company for holidays

    Wellcat Holidays, Thomas and Ruth Roy both come up with wacky days that they publish in “Chase’s Calendar.”

  5. The Roys’ holidays are copyrighted

    So if you want to host a profit event, you’ll probably need to ask them for permission!

Why We Celebrate Tick Tock Day

  1. We need to get to our to-do list

    And it’s great to have an excuse to get down to work.

  2. We want to see how far we’ve come

    The end of the year is time for reflection and to celebrate how much you’ve done!

  3. We want to work on our resolutions

    The best way to make new resolutions is by looking at what worked and didn’t work the previous year.

Tick Tock Day dates

2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday
2028December 29Friday

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