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Mongolia Independence Day

Mongolia Independence Day – December 29, 2024

Mongolia Independence Day, celebrated every December 29, is a day of great glory and happiness for the Mongols, who gained freedom after years of being under the Qing China rule. Also known as National Revolution of Freedom and Independence Day, this holiday commemorates Mongolia’s autonomy. This day is all about showing love for Mongolia, raising the national flag, dining out, and of course viewing some awesome fireworks! This year, step up your game and celebrate the amazing day like never before. After all, the country’s independence is something that should be cherished and applauded till the end of time.

History of Mongolia Independence Day

Mongolia had been under the Chinese Qing dynasty rule for quite some time. However, due to several differences with the Chinese rulers, the Mongolians craved a state of their own. Like any other nation that is taken over, the biggest problem Mongolia experienced was the fight for the retention of their culture, which was slowly being replaced by the Chinese way of life. During the 20th century, the fire for independence grew and the Mongols started to take action to free the nation from the Qing dynasty.

In May 1911, the Xinhai Revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty and established the Republic of China. Seeing that the Chinese had problems of their own, the Mongols utilized the opportunity and managed to free themselves from Chinese rule. On December 29, 1911, Mongolia officially declared its independence from China. The spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhists was proclaimed the head of state. He was given the title of Bogd Khan of Mongolia. Unfortunately, Mongolia was only able to maintain a few years of peace and freedom before the Chinese returned to Mongolia and forcefully occupied the capital city. In fact, the Chinese also pushed the Mongolian government to sign a document that forfeited their autonomous status. At this point in time, Russian Bolsheviks stepped in to aid the Mongols.

The Outer Mongolian Revolution took place in 1921 — a revolution that was fought with the help of Soviet troops. After the troops reclaimed Ulaanbaatar from the Chinese, Mongolia was declared independent once again. From 1921 until 1924, Mongolia worked to establish a new government.

Mongolia Independence Day timeline

In The Name of Security

The Qing empire offers protection to the northern Mongols and creates Outer Mongolia.

The Clash

Mongolian revolutionaries drive out Chinese and Tsarist forces with the support of the Red Army.

1949 - 1955
Renewing Ties

A relationship is established with the People's Republic of China and a railway is built across Mongolia linking Russia and China.


Mongolia's new constitution prioritizes human rights and freedoms.

Mongolia Independence Day FAQs

When did Mongolia gain independence?

Mongolia gained independence on September 14, 1921.

When did Mongolia gain independence from China?

After the collapse of the Qing dynasty, Mongolia gained independence from China in 1911.

Does Mongolia have independence?

Yes. It is also referred to as Outer Mongolia.

How to Observe Mongolia Independence Day

  1. Dress up

    Are there any specific outfits of that era that you want to sport? Throw a fancy dress bash and honor the independence of Mongolia.

  2. Cut a cake

    Cakes are the best kind of sweet delight that can mark the auspicious occasion and celebrate the love for your nation. Enjoy one with family and friends as you celebrate Mongolia’s independence.

  3. Donate food

    Do you really want to make a difference? Donate food to the needy to mark the special occasion.

5 Interesting Facts About Mongolia

  1. Endangered snow leopards

    One third of the snow leopard population lives there.

  2. Dinosaur fossil fuels

    Remains of dinosaurs were found in the Gobi Desert.

  3. More horses

    Mongolia has 13 times more horses than humans.

  4. Statue of Genghis Khan

    The 131-foot tall statue is the tallest one in the world and pays tribute to Genghis Khan.

  5. Eagle hunting festival

    The Golden Eagle Festival is held yearly for two days.

Why Mongolia Independence Day is Important

  1. It promotes appreciation for the nation

    The day highlights why it is important to love the nation, since it took many years for Mongolia to achieve complete freedom. We think that’s worth appreciating.

  2. It shows why culture is so important

    Mongolians fought for their own land in order to retain their culture. The day places emphasis on the importance of one’s culture.

  3. The efforts to attain freedom are highlighted

    Celebrating Independence Day is important. It reminds Mongolians of all the efforts and sacrifices that were made to ensure Mongolia became a free state.

Mongolia Independence Day dates

2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday
2028December 29Friday

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