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February22–March 22

Hong Kong Arts Festival – February 22-March 22, 2025

The Hong Kong Arts Festival takes place every year between February and March. This year, it takes place from February 22 to March 22. Launched in 1973, the festival focuses on enriching the cultural life of Hong Kong, as well as promoting the work of performing artists. Over the years, the festival has attracted a significant number of local and international talent from various countries. Over 200 local productions have been produced and thousands of secondary and tertiary students reached through a program called ‘H.K.A.F Young Friends.’

History of Hong Kong Arts Festival

Launched in 1973, the Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the world, channeled towards enriching Hong Kong’s cultural life and promoting the work of both local and international performing artists. The celebration also offers educational events, as well as opportunities for young people who wish to explore the performing arts. The festival takes a special interest in supporting local talent. So far, over 200 local productions have been commissioned and produced, including genres such as theater, chamber opera, Cantonese opera, music, and contemporary dance. These productions have experienced success both locally and internationally.

The festival has contributed immensely to the development of young talent. Since 1992, it has connected with over 782,000 secondary and tertiary students through a program called “H.K.A.F Young Friends.” To encourage participation, it issues close to 10,000 half-price tickets to students every year. By virtue of it being a non-profit organization, the festival receives its funding through box office promotions and private donations. However, through a government matching scheme in Hong Kong, the government matches whatever the Festival can raise on its own. Through partnerships with international artists and institutions, the festival has successfully produced several outstanding works, such as “The Window Washer”, “The Tempest” and “Richard III”.

During the festival, there is a wide range of activities to participate in, such as films, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, demonstrations, symposia, and even backstage visits.

Hong Kong Arts Festival timeline

British Control Begins

Hong Kong becomes a colony of Great Britain.

The Launch

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is launched.

Hong Kong is Occupied by Japan

Imperial Japan occupies Hong Kong during World War II.

Chinese Control Begins

Hong Kong becomes a territory of China.

Hong Kong Arts Festival FAQs

Is Hong Kong a part of China?

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, following the principle of “one country, two systems.”

What is the official language of Hong Kong?

The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English.

Does Hong Kong have its own president?

Hong Kong has a Chief Executive, named Carrie Lam.

Hong Kong Arts Festival Activities

  1. Attend the festival

    Even if you can’t fly physically to attend the festival, take advantage of live streams from the festival’s official pages. Get a good taste of the world’s best performances!

  2. Learn more about Hong Kong

    Learning about new places and cultures is a way to broaden your knowledge. Browse the internet to discover all there is to know.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Create awareness about this international festival! Use the hashtag #hkaf to spread the word!

5 Fun Facts About Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong is fragrant

    In Chinese, Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor.”

  2. Hong Kong holds a world record

    The Mid-Levels Escalator in Hong Kong is the longest-covered escalator in the world, running for half a mile.

  3. Hong Kong is home to many billionaires

    Hong Kong has the third-highest number of billionaires of all cities in the world.

  4. ‘Four’ sounds like ‘death’

    Number ‘four’ is often avoided because ‘four’ sounds like the Chinese word for ‘death.’

  5. There are many islands in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has 263 islands, though the most famous is Hong Kong Island.

Why We Love Hong Kong Arts Festival

  1. It promotes the arts

    The arts moved from being a hobby to a career path for many people. The festival is a perfect opportunity for musicians and performing artists to express their creativity.

  2. It recognizes various cultures

    The Festival welcomes both local and international talents. This promotes unity and enlightenment about various cultures and genres of the arts.

  3. It supports upcoming artists

    The festival not only promotes the arts but also gives opportunities to young artists to showcase their talents and grow. This is thanks to the various programs hosted by the festival.

Hong Kong Arts Festival dates

2022February 22Tuesday
2023February 22Wednesday
2024February 22Thursday
2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday

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