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SatFeb 22

Play More Cards Day – February 22, 2025

Play More Cards Day is on February 22, and we can’t wait. If you look back on some of the most fun times with close friends, we’re pretty sure it involved a card game at some point. We know we’ve had a ton of laughs when playing. It’s the best way to unwind, and a little healthy competition always spices things up. Besides being incredibly fun, card games also improve our focus, creativity, and decision-making. So, it’s always a good idea to indulge more often. Play More Cards Day is the perfect reason to make it happen.

History of Play More Cards Day

Picture a deck of cards, and the Bicycle® brand is the first name that springs to most people’s minds. It comes as no surprise that America’s biggest manufacturer of playing cards was also the creator of Play More Cards Day — with the first one taking place in 2013. The modern deck is ubiquitous to card games everywhere — from glitzy casinos to poker games with friends at home.
It’s such a familiar item that most of us assume that playing cards have always looked like this. Well, people who lived centuries ago would beg to differ! Playing cards looked nothing like the way they do today. Over hundreds of years and across continents, the cards have undergone a glorious transformation into the 52 cards in a deck we know and love today.

The earliest mention of card games in world history dates back to the Tang dynasty in China. Historical records speak of Princess Tong Chyeng enjoying a “leaf game” with the members of the Wei Clan. It was only in the 1300s that cards made an appearance in Europe. As you can imagine, they became wildly popular throughout Europe — to the extent that a Paris ordinance in 1377 established official rules to keep players in check.

In 1885, an Ohio-based printing company called Russel, Morgan, & Co. produced the first Bicycle® Brand cards. Since then, the cards have graced homes and events of all kinds while creating waves in modern world history to boot. For instance, the United States Playing Card Company produced special Bicycle® Spotter Decks to help U.S soldiers identify ships, aircraft, and tanks from other countries. In addition, unique decks for prisoners of war revealed maps when pulled apart and moistened. Straight out of a movie, right?

So, whether you enjoy a solitary game of cards or the thrill of beating your friends, go all out today. Play more cards, but of course, do it responsibly.

Play More Cards Day timeline

Fire and Brimstone

Fiery religious sermons denounce playing cards and dice games as gambling vices.

The Obsession Grows

At the same time, familiar card suits (hearts, leaves, cups, acorns) appear in every country.

Ace Trumps King

In keeping with the French Revolution's spirit, the Ace makes its way to topple the King — which, until then, was the undisputed ruler of the deck.

Spades and Superstitions

U.S. lieutenants request card decks containing only Spades to unnerve the Viet Cong, who believed Spades foretold death.

Play More Cards Day FAQs

What is National Card Playing Day?

National Card Playing Day is on December 28. It’s a day dedicated to playing cards and a stress-free way to bring loved ones together. The sole objective is to play cards — no big outings, forced conversation, or meal preps involved.

Is it bad to play cards?

Recreational card games are super fun. They’re like any other game (football, tennis) that people can play to unwind. Unfortunately, card games have earned a bad reputation since uncontrolled playing can lead to gambling. 

How many Aces are there in playing cards?

A standard deck contains 52 cards, with four of each suit. So, each deck includes four Aces in total. 

Play More Cards Day Activities

  1. Play a favorite card game

    Revisit an old favorite today — whether that’s bridge or Texas Hold’em. Cards are way more interesting than scrolling aimlessly online.   

  2. Shuffle things around

    Try playing a game you haven’t before. Or better still, choose that one game where you can never catch a break. Today might be the day you ace it!

  3. Organize a card party

      Can you think of anything more satisfying than beating friends at a game of cards? Go ahead and do it. Call everyone over and remember to stock up on chips.

5 Facts About Rummy That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It may have Mexican origins

    Game historians believe that modern rummy originated from Conquian, a Mexican card game played with Spanish cards.

  2. Over 60 rummy variations and counting

    From Canasta and tile games to Chinese cards, rummy has different names and rules in every country.

  3. The “Mother” of card games

    Card enthusiasts consider rummy the “Mother of Modern Card Games.”

  4. It’s legal in most countries

    Rummy is legal in most countries since it’s a game of skill and not chance (involving money).

  5. The days of hand-painted rummy cards

    Owning a deck of rummy cards was once expensive since they were hand-painted by talented artists.

Why We Love Play More Cards Day

  1. It’s a brain gym

    Playing cards keeps our brains sharp and active. Most games require us to think strategically and creatively. And sometimes, we even need math — let’s not forget math. 

  2. Tools to deal with life

    Card games (and how we choose to play) mimic challenges in real life. The games demand we pay attention and stay calm while making critical decisions. We’re sure these lessons translate into the real world too.  

  3. They bring people together

    Playing cards is a fun way to bond with friends. We also love how a game of cards can get perfect strangers to connect.

Play More Cards Day dates

2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday
2027February 22Monday
2028February 22Tuesday
2029February 22Thursday

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