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SatFeb 22

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day – February 22, 2025

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22, which takes place amid American Heart Month, is held to raise awareness about the unique dangers and effects of the heart, improve diagnosis and treatment, and save more lives. Through education and outreach, we can lower the number of persons who forfeit their independence and capacity to engage in their lives due to heart diseases actively — suffer arrhythmias, heart failure, and even death.

History of National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

Heart valve disease is a fatal ailment that claims the lives of 25,000 Americans each year. A disorder in which one or both heart valves do not operate is typically known as heart valve disease. This day aims to raise symptom awareness, minimize adverse results, improve detection, increase treatment rates, and improve overall health outcomes.

The day’s goal is to enlighten patients, carers, and the general public on heart valve disease to reduce the number of reported cases. National Heart Valve Disease Day was observed in 2019 by approximately 65 organizations and was anchored by the Alliance for Aging Research. National Council on Aging, Men’s Health Network, Northwestern Medicine, Women’s Heart Foundation, WebMD, and others were among the participating partners.

In previous years, partners organized several events during this commemoration, such as social media campaigns and media advocacy efforts to help raise awareness of the disease. An instructional session on Capitol Hill, ringing the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell, programs at heart and vascular centers, and more have all taken place during past celebrations.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is yet another organization combating heart disease for nearly a century, aiming to save and enhance lives. AHA has risen from its early years to become the largest and oldest voluntary organization committed to preventing and treating heart disease.

Although heart valve disease can be debilitating and fatal, treatment options can save lives, so awareness and education are critical. The campaign partners collaborate to raise awareness of valve disease on this day and year-round.

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day timeline

The American Heart Association Is Established

The American Heart Association is created with several heart association groups.

Ancel Keys Makes a Discovery

Keys, an American scientist, discovers a decline in the rate of heart disease in populations across the Mediterranean consuming a low-fat diet.

1960s — 1970s
New Treatments For Heart Disease Emerge

Percutaneous balloon angioplasty and bypass surgery come into play in treating heart disease.

Evidence of Ancient Cases

During the American Heart Association meeting in Florida, research suggests that Egyptian mummies dating back 3,500 years exhibit signs of cardiovascular disease.

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day FAQs

Is chocolate heart-safe?

According to studies, when not filled with saturated fat and sugar, dark chocolate is a heart-safe chocolate treat. Studies have shown it to help control blood pressure and lessen the chance of heart disease.

Which heart valve disease is the most common?

Any heart valve can deteriorate; however, the aortic valve is often at the highest risk due to its size.

How long can someone survive with heart valve disease?

It advances significantly more quickly in developing nations, and it can cause symptoms in children under the age of five. About 80% of people with moderate symptoms survive for a minimum of 10 years after being diagnosed.

How to Observe National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

  1. Pay attention to the signs

    People older than 65, who feel daily tasks are becoming more challenging, need to pay attention to their body signals. You should listen to your heart as early detection is critical.

  2. Get regular checkups

    When was the last time you got a stethoscope test? It is recommended to have at least one test at the doctor’s every year. Use this holiday to get a regular checkup done and take more care in keeping your heart healthy.

  3. Join the social media campaign

    Be a part of the movement by showing support on social media. Post informational snippets and use relevant hashtags to spread valuable information.

5 Interesting Facts About Heart Disease

  1. Risky business

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (C.D.C.) estimates, heart disease is responsible for over one in four fatalities in the United States every year.

  2. A silent killer

    About 40% of the population lack knowledge about heart valve disease, despite it affecting over five million Americans.

  3. Pharaohs and commoners alike

    Research suggests that Pharaoh Merenptah, who died in 1203 B.C., was a victim of atherosclerosis.

  4. Death by avoidable causes

    Heart disease ranks among the top avoidable causes of death in the U.S.

  5. Effective disguise

    Symptoms of heart valve disease are often easy to miss and attribute to the normal aging process.

Why National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day is Important

  1. Early detection

    This week is crucial to promote heart disease awareness. It increases public awareness about the symptoms and ensures timely care.

  2. It encourages regular checks

    Clinicians should also perform regular stethoscope tests on their patients, especially those over 65. It is crucial for recognizing heart valve problems.

  3. Preventative measures

    Because of the seriousness of heart valve disease and the fact that the symptoms are sometimes difficult to identify, severe or deadly outcomes are likely to occur. This observance reminds us of the real threat this disease poses.

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day dates

2025February 22Saturday
2026February 22Sunday
2027February 22Monday
2028February 22Tuesday
2029February 22Thursday

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