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FriApr 4

World Rat Day – April 4, 2025

We are celebrating World Rat Day on April 4. It is a day to dispel the bad vibe that rats suffer. Rats are amazing animals with some amazing talents and qualities. Rats have suffered a bad reputation since the bubonic plague and people usually despise rats for stealing food and spreading diseases. But, those who have pet rats know that they are intelligent animals who are fun to be with. They need attention, care, and love, just like any other living being. In 2002, a group of pet enthusiasts started World Rat Day to create acceptance of these wonderful animals, allowing them to be part of our everyday lives.

History of World Rat Day

Rats are one of the oldest mammals that we can still see around. They were here when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They witnessed the extinction of the Jurassic era, and they were there to begin the era of mammals. They witnessed the birth of many new species, some of which prey on them, and they witnessed the birth of human civilization. They were there to see all our triumphs and all our great blunders. They punished us through plagues, and they will probably be here even after we are gone.

Rats belong to the long-tailed rodents of medium size from the species Rodentia and genus Rattus. Their long tail is a prominent feature, and rats can use the tail for thermal control. Rats are pests in most of the world, but they are not originally found in every part of the world. For most, they were introduced by ships in the medieval era. Black rats, in particular, are notoriously successful as invasive species. However, different cultures view rats in a different light. Rats are bad news in European cultures, whereas they are better represented in Asian cultures. Rats are present in the Chinese zodiac, and they are also mentioned as the vehicle of God Ganesh according to Hindu mythologies.

Rats are intelligent and cunning animals. The popularity of domestic rats is increasing day by day. Rats became friendly over the generations in captivity. They are curious animals with the potential to be great companions for their human friends. Pet rats pose no threat to us and do not carry diseases any more than a usual dog or cat. They are low maintenance due to their small size and their flexibility in eating habits.

World Rat Day timeline

200,000 Years Ago
Origin of Rats

Rats begin to appear in South East Asia and spread to other parts of Asia.

3,600 Years Ago
Rats in the Middle East

Rats begin to spread to the Middle East from other parts of Asia.

2,600 Years Ago
Rats in Africa

Rats begin to spread to Africa from Asia.

World Rat Day

A group of pet enthusiasts start a day dedicated to rats.

World Rat Day FAQs

Are rats intelligent?

Rats are highly intelligent rodents. They are as smart as dogs and can be very cunning.

Are rats easy to take care of?

They are easy to take care of if you know how to handle them. They are clean animals, but their shelter will need to be cleaned daily.

How long do pet rats live?

18 to 36 months.

World Rat Day Activities

  1. Buy a treat for your pet

    This is the perfect day to shower your rodent friend with lots of love. Buy a tasty treat for your furry friend.

  2. Buy a rat

    If you don’t have a pet, today is a good day to get one. Name your new pet and share his name with your friends.

  3. Share rat videos

    There are informative and fun videos of rats available online. Share them through your social media.

5 Facts About Rats That You Should Know

  1. Ratters and rat catchers

    Ratters were animals used by rat catchers and trained to hunt rats in the medieval period for controlling diseases.

  2. Rat worshipping

    There are more than 25,000 rats in Karni Mata Temple, and these rats are worshiped there.

  3. Landmines and tuberculosis

    Rats are used to detect landmines and diagnose diseases such as tuberculosis.

  4. Happy rats

    Rats can make sounds similar to human laughter when they are happy.

  5. Clean and tidy

    Rats are constant groomers, like cats and they are very clean.

Why We Love World Rat Day

  1. We love all animals

    All living beings deserve respect and love. Rats are no different, and we love to have a day for them.

  2. A deserving day

    Rats have a negative reputation in the human world. But this day can show them that this is not always the case and that rats can be awesome pets.

  3. Rats are low maintenance

    Do you want a pet but do not have a big enough budget to afford them? Rats are perfect in such a case as they are cheap and low maintenance.

World Rat Day dates

2025April 4Friday
2026April 4Saturday
2027April 4Sunday
2028April 4Tuesday
2029April 4Wednesday

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