National Robotics Week – April 1-8, 2023

National Robotics Week is celebrated from the first Saturday in April every year and takes place from April 1 to 8. Initially, the holiday was observed for nine days after the second Saturday in April, but this was changed after 2012. The week, also known as RoboWeek, is for inspiring people interested in robotics and sharing excitement about the latest innovations. The celebration cuts across all ages, from little ones to adults. It recognizes robotics technology as a driving force of 21st-century innovation and development. The week features several events aimed at increasing public awareness about robotics.

History of National Robotics Week

The origin of National Robotics Week can be traced back to 2009 when a group of universities and industry leaders appealed to the U.S. Congressional Caucus on Robotics, asking them to create a “national roadmap” for robotics. In March 2010, the United States House of Representatives passed a law, officially designating the second full week of April as National Robotics Week. The resolution was submitted by Representative Mike Doyle, also co-chair of the Congressional Caucus, alongside other members.

The week is organized by a company called “iRobot”, an organization that has pioneered many robotics inventions for consumer products. They have sold over 30 million robots worldwide. Founded in 1990 by roboticists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they have positioned themselves as the leading producers of robotic consumer products.

According to the official website of National Robotics Week, the week “recognizes robotic technology as a pillar of American innovation, highlights its growing importance in a wide variety of application areas, and emphasizes its ability to inspire technology education.” Robotics is proving to be uniquely adept at enabling students of all ages to learn important science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts and at inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

National Robotics Week timeline

The First Digital Robot

The first programmable and digitally operated robot is invented by George Devol.

The Appeal

Industry leaders and universities submit an appeal to the U.S. House of Representatives about robotics.

The Resolution

The U.S. House of Representatives passes a resolution designating a week in April as National Robotics Week.

50 States

National Robotics Week becomes an event in all 50 U.S. states.

National Robotics Week FAQs

What is the world’s smartest robot?

Sophia is the world’s smartest robot. Invented in 2016, Sophia is a humanoid robot and the first robot to receive a country’s citizenship (Saudi Arabia) and receive a United Nations title.

What is the world’s largest robot exhibition?

The International Robot Exhibition, which is organized by the Japan Robot Association, is the world’s largest robot trade fair exhibition.

What are the three aspects of robotics?

Robots have mechanical a form, or shape, designed to do a particular task. They have electrical parts, which power and control the machinery. They contain a computer program that determines what, when, and how they do something.

National Robotics Week Activities

  1. Build a robot

    If you’re in the STEM field, challenge yourself by programming, building, or designing a robot. You never know if you’ll succeed until you try.

  2. Learn about robots

    If you’re not in the STEM field, as they say, no knowledge is wasted. Robotics is fast becoming a regular part of our world, so it’s important to learn what’s behind the fascinating new technology.

  3. Attend a robotics event

    Thanks to technology, you can attend any event from the comfort of your home. Join others in celebrating National Robotics Week by attending a physical conference or tuning in to a live stream. The week is packed with fun events you certainly don’t want to miss.

5 Events To Attend During National Robotics Week

  1. Robotics competitions

    Attend or watch a live stream of a robotics competition and see competitors go head-to-head while creating mind-blowing inventions.

  2. Robotics company tours

    Take a day out to attend a robotics company tour to get a feel for the robot production process.

  3. University open houses

    Attend a university open house on robotics where students and faculty members display their innovations.

  4. Robotics expos

    Take time out to watch or attend a robotics expo and be one of the first to learn about the newest innovations.

  5. Participate in a coding challenge

    Obtain a new skill by participating in a coding challenge, even if it’s one for only beginners.

Why We Love National Robotics Week

  1. Innovation

    Robotics is a cool part of our ever-changing world, an important innovation that makes the impossible a reality. In the past, robots were the stuff of sci-fi movies. Now they’re becoming part of our world in an unprecedented manner.

  2. Educational

    National Robotics Week focuses on inspiring students and giving them opportunities to participate in the robotics field. Even self-taught people can participate and learn.

  3. Useful utilities

    Robots aren’t just cool toys to be showcased at events but are now useful in everyday life. From robotic vacuums to robot waiters, they’re on their way to making everyone’s lives a tad bit easier.

National Robotics Week dates

2022April 2Saturday
2023April 1Saturday
2024April 6Saturday
2025April 5Saturday
2026April 4Saturday
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