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SatApr 5

Every Day is Tag Day – April 5, 2025

Every Day Is Tag Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in April every year and this year, it takes place on April 5. Pet owners, veterinarians, animal shelters, and similar organizations dedicated to the care and welfare of pets use this opportunity to educate and encourage pet owners to have their pets microchipped or provide them with collared identification tags to ensure the pets are returned safely should they be stolen or go missing. The humane community celebrates this day with campaigns that include educational programs, discounts, and reviews of the most effective I.D. tags to aid “pet parents” to make the best choice for their pets.

History of Every Day is Tag Day

Pets are kept for altruistic reasons, protection, companionship, and aesthetic purposes. But usually, they’re kept for companionship and entertainment. The practice of keeping animals as companions was initially an elitist activity, practiced by an enthusiastic few, with the two most popular animal companions being cats and dogs because they are easily domesticated.

The ownership of animals as companions goes as far back as 12,000 years ago. They provide an endless list of physical and emotional benefits to their guardians or “human parents.” The company of a dog or cat can lift one’s spirits and help maintain happiness when anxiety or sadness kicks in.

The relationship between humans and their pets has evolved — it has become a mutually beneficial relationship with the former being the guardians or providers and the latter being the companions and sometimes the protectors. Both pets and humans have built stronger relationships and connections than they have with their own species. Discovering that a pet has gone missing can be devastating and scary for its owner. Likewise, a domesticated pet wandering in unfamiliar terrain can become erratic and violent. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (A.S.P.C.A.), 6.3 million companion animals are brought to animal shelters every year.

Every Day is Tag Day was created to ensure pets in shelters are returned to their owners thus reducing the number of animals in shelters that are euthanized due to overcrowding, aggressiveness or injury sustained. This day was created by the American Humane Society to make us more responsible for the safety of our pets — we’re accountable for whatever threatens their welfare. Without any proper and updated identification, the fate of missing animals is usually sealed. We must ensure our pets can be easily identified and returned home.

Every Day is Tag Day timeline

The Humane Movement

The A.S.P.C.A. is founded in New York City.

First Pet Cemetery

A veterinarian unknowingly starts America’s largest and oldest pet cemetery in New York.

Pet Travel Scheme

The European Union introduces a scheme that allows animals to travel freely.

Green Burial Site

The village of Stainton by Langworth becomes the first place in England where pets are buried alongside their owners.

Every Day is Tag Day FAQs

Is a pet tag safe?

Yes, as long as it is comfortable and not too tight for your pet or is made of material that can prevent choking if your pet happens to chew on it.

What if my pet hates the collar?

You may try different methods and techniques until you find the most suitable, or you may employ the services of a trainer.

What should my pet’s tag contain?

Your pet’s tag should contain your emergency contact details, your home address, or the serial number of your pet’s microchip.

How to Observe Every Day is Tag Day

  1. Get your pet a microchip

    It’s ideal to have your pet microchipped. A microchip with regular updates serves as your pet’s permanent identification.

  2. Adopt a pet

    If you can, adopt a pet from any of the overcrowded shelters near you. You may also help find the pet a new home. Remind the new guardian of the importance of a tag.

  3. Donate to an animal shelter

    You may donate to an animal shelter or similar charities. You may volunteer your services or donate dog or cat food, pet supplies, newspapers, and blankets.

5 Amazing Facts About Pets

  1. A dog has awesome sniffing abilities

    A dog has a keen sense of smell that is 1,000 times greater than that of humans.

  2. Cats are a bit self-obsessed

    Cats spend about six hours a day grooming themselves.

  3. Meow’s got talent

    When it comes to vocal sounds, cats have around 100, while dogs have about 10.

  4. Seeing is not believing

    Dogs can see colors but they interpret them like a person who is color-blind.

  5. Pets love their guardians

    The majority of pet owners report that their pets are responsible for most of their smiles.

Why Every Day is Tag Day is Important

  1. It’s an eye-opener for pet owners

    We love an opportunity to clear common misconceptions in the pet community. This holiday offers us a chance to show and tell people that collars and microchips are not inhuman or abusive, but rather necessary for every pet’s safety.

  2. Every pet needs a home

    It’s heartwarming to see more animals being adopted into loving homes after being taken care of by animal shelters. We should be aware that like humans, pets need a home.

  3. It connects a community

    Veterinarians, animal shelters, charities, volunteers, and pet owners all come together on this day. They speak with one voice — that which seeks to ensure every pet is equipped with a tag or microchip.

Every Day is Tag Day dates

2022April 2Saturday
2023April 1Saturday
2024April 6Saturday
2025April 5Saturday
2026April 4Saturday

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