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FriApr 4

National Walk Around Things Day – April 4, 2025

Walk Around Things Day is on April 4, and here’s why we love it so much. We’ve all had days when we can’t deal with certain people or situations. Walk Around Things Day recognizes that sometimes, it’s alright not to deal with things head-on. It celebrates the art of strategic withdrawal. Step back, walk around the problem, come back, and address it later. Like all the best things in life, it’s open to interpretation. Celebrate it figuratively by avoiding nagging problems. Bring it in literally by walking around everything you see — tables, chairs, people, flowerpots, pets! Feel free to get creative. No matter how you choose to celebrate, the day promises to help us see and experience the world differently.

History of National Walk Around Things Day

The concept of walking around things has always existed both literally and figuratively. We’ve often been told that meeting challenges head-on is the best way to address them. It’s always been the accepted way. History favors the ‘brave’ — people who never back down from a fight. Those who choose to take different paths have typically received harsh judgments.

The story of Demosthenes, an Athenian infantryman who lived during 338 B.C., illustrates this bias perfectly. A great battle took place between the Athenians and Macedonians, where 3,000 of his brethren died. Demosthenes chose to flee from the battlefield, invoking ire from both his countrymen and history books. On being labeled a coward, Demosthenes famously retorted, “The man who runs away may fight again”. It’s where the modern-day saying “live to fight another day” comes from.

Demosthenes may have been on to something. We know for a fact there are numerous ways to deal with conflict or stress. Avoidance is one of them. Here, it’s critical to make a distinction between avoidance and escapism. Escapism is willful denial. Avoidance stems from awareness but still ignoring or refusing to engage for strategic reasons.
Avoidance can be beneficial in various situations. Say, an issue unimportant in the larger scheme of things. Even a relationship that’s short-term and doesn’t warrant too much investment. It may mean life or death when things could escalate to physical violence. Sometimes, the best recourse is to give your mind a break and deal with things later.

Scientific research also shows how engaging in activities to take your mind off problems can prove more effective. Of course, one can also literally observe Walk Around Things Day. It’s an excellent way to get some exercise or smash your step counting each day. There’s enough leeway to mix things up and make today your own.

National Walk Around Things Day timeline

Into The Wild

Adventurer Christopher McCandless takes ‘walking around’ to the extreme by trekking into the Alaskan wilderness forever.

Walking Away To Find A Better Day

English singer-songwriter Craig David releases ‘Walking Away,’ imploring us to take a step back from life’s problems.

Brisk walking saves lives

Researchers discover that walking briskly can reduce the risk of overall death by 24%.

Walking meditation

Peace activist and Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, publishes a book called “Walking Meditation: Easy Steps to Mindfulness.”

National Walk Around Things Day FAQs

When is National Walking Day?

National Walking Day takes place every first Wednesday in April. It’s a day that encourages Americans to lead more active, healthier lives. Get some fresh air and keep your heart rates up today.

What are the benefits of walking 30 minutes a day?

Walking 30 minutes every day reduces excess body fat, strengthens bones, increases endurance, and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Walking can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and osteoporosis.

Why is walking good for your mental health?

Healthy minds and bodies co-exist. A 10-minute walk can significantly increase energy levels, positivity, and keep our minds alert. Regular walking or any form of exercise reduces anxiety and positively impacts self-esteem.

National Walk Around Things Day Activities

  1. Exercise, explore, engage

    Counting steps? Make it fun by walking around everything — garbage cans, people, cars. If you usually cut through a park or street, try walking around it instead. Who knows what you could discover!

  2. Practice mindfulness

    Make the day symbolic by signing up for yoga or meditation classes. You could also start simple habits that help you stay in the moment. Wake up with purpose, set daily intentions, and enjoy your meals without watching TV. Remember to pause and take deep breaths if things get overwhelming.

  3. Walk around, but make it choreography

    Bust a few moves while walking and take things up a notch. Today’s a good day as any to perfect an ‘air-walk’ or even a ‘pirouette’. Of course, there’s always the option to go freestyle!

5 Facts About Walking That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Let’s roll with it

    ‘Walk’ comes from ‘wealcan’ in Old English that literally means ‘to roll.’

  2. 9,000 steps: a perspective

    Walking 9,000 steps daily equals walking around the earth 3.5 times in an average lifetime.

  3. The longest, unbroken walk

    George Meegan walked the entire western hemisphere, covering 19,019 miles in 2,425 days.

  4. Looking to burn calories? Walk sideways!

    Our bodies become stronger (and burn more calories) when we push ourselves to work in unfamiliar ways.

  5. A moment on the lips…

    We would ideally need to walk one hour and 23 minutes to burn off a quarter of a large pizza.

Why We Love National Walk Around Things Day

  1. Moments of peace

    We love the idea of taking a breather. Sometimes it gets tough to step back from difficult situations. A few moments of peace in a day is what everyone needs!

  2. Flip the script

    Walking around things allows us to view matters in a different light. A little distance from our problems can offer fresh perspective and meaning where none seemingly existed.

  3. Anything can happen

    When we choose to take a different path — both literal or otherwise — there’s no saying what can happen. The possibilities are endless if we remain open to them.

National Walk Around Things Day dates

2025April 4Friday
2026April 4Saturday
2027April 4Sunday
2028April 4Tuesday
2029April 4Wednesday

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