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National Handmade Day
SatApr 5

National Handmade Day – April 5, 2025

National Handmade Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in April. It is a day to honor, celebrate and recognize handmade craftsmanship and the people who perform such wonderful acts, from baking to pottery to knitting. Registered in 2017 by Amy Bierstadt and proclaimed as a holiday in 2018, the day recognizes the painstaking dedication that is required to create items by hand. Handmade items are also commonly known as handicraft, artistry, and arts and crafts. Bierstadt also wants to honor those whose businesses are to provide custom handmade items to clients.

History of National Handmade Day

From Scratch Farm is responsible for the creation of National Handmade Day. It is a website run by Amy Bierstadt, who describes herself as “Maker extraordinaire. Single mom to a high school senior, a sixth-grader, three hens, a corgi, and a Quaker parrot… Creator of National Handmade Day.” On her website, Amy writes that even though most holidays posted on social media are just “made for laughs,” National Handmade Day is important because it holds value for small business owners.

Handmade products are products that are made either partially or completely by hand, without the use of machinery. This excludes goods that are mass-produced with automated tools. Other terms for handmade art include handicraft, artisanal handicraft, artisanry, handcrafting, and arts and crafts. During the mid-19th century, the Arts and Crafts movement began. The movement was sparked as a result of the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Industrialization brought about startling changes in the nature of production, such as mass-production and the use of machinery, eclipsing the need for manual labor. This also led to a massive influx of workers into cities and factories, which contributed to environmental pollution.

The movement was headed by William Morris of England, who had become increasingly concerned by the changes caused in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. Morris founded a firm, made up of interior decorators and manufacturers.

National Handmade Day timeline

1760 — 1840
The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution takes place, where machines are used to do jobs that people did.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts movement begins in Britain and flows over to North America, Europe, and Australia, to resist the Industrial Revolution.

A Versatile Designer

Charles Robert Ashbee designs jewelry and silver tableware for the Guild of Handicraft, which he establishes in London — producing designs for wallpaper, fabrics, tiles, ceramics, furniture, and metalwork.

National Handmade Day

National Handmade Day becomes a registered holiday in the U.S.

National Handmade Day FAQs

What is the meaning of handmade craft?


A handicraft sometimes called an artisanal handicraft or handmade is any type of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by one’s hand or by using non-tech-related tools like scissors, carving implements, or hooks.

What is the history of the handicrafts' industry in India?

The handicrafts industry in India thrived, during the medieval period, and continued to grow for a time. After the arrival of the British, and other colonial powers in India, the handicrafts industry struggled to keep up with the foreign market.

What is the oldest handcraft in the world?

One of the oldest handicrafts is ‘Dhokra’ — a metal casting that has been used in India for over 4,000 until now. In Iran, women still make hand-made pottery with dotted ornaments much the same as the 5,000-year-old pottery tradition of Kalpurgan, an archaeological site near the village.

How to Celebrate National Handmade Day

  1. Buy a handmade product

    Support a local business or entrepreneur by purchasing something made by hand. Whether it’s a lace doily or a loaf of artisan bread from a bakery, celebrate by buying a handmade item.

  2. Do it yourself

    Get creative and make something from scratch! Watch videos or read D.I.Y articles to prepare yourself for all you’ll have to do to bring your creation to life. You never know — it may spark a new hobby or business idea!

  3. Give a handmade product

    Show some love by making or buying a handmade product for someone. Go the extra mile by making it personalized. No matter how small, there’s a charm and thoughtfulness associated with handmade products.

5 Best-selling Handmade Items

  1. Jewelry

    Handmade jewelry is one of the most sought-after handmade items available on the market.

  2. Clothing

    Handmade clothes come with a unique and exclusive touch that keeps people coming back for more.

  3. Dolls

    These are a favorite among children — used as gifts and keepsakes, or even as home decorations.

  4. Knitted or crocheted items

    Knitted and crocheted items never go out of style, ranging from scarves, to purses, to sweaters, and even phone cases!

  5. Books

    Books, especially personalized books and journals, are another category of handmade items that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Why We Love National Handmade Day

  1. It boosts the economy

    Buying handmade products is a great way to boost the local economy. This makes it possible for producers of handmade goods to remain in business, thus leading to job creation in the local community.

  2. It supports craftsmanship

    National Handmade Day is important in a world of mass production and robots. We’re reminded of the beauty and craftsmanship that comes with simply making things by hand. The day supports and recognizes good craftsmanship.

  3. It celebrates quality

    As opposed to machine-produced goods, handmade products are usually of a higher quality because so much attention is paid to detail during the crafting process.

National Handmade Day dates

2022April 2Saturday
2023April 1Saturday
2024April 6Saturday
2025April 5Saturday
2026April 4Saturday

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