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Shamu the Whale Day
ThuSep 26

Shamu the Whale Day – September 26, 2024

Shamu the Whale Day comes up every year on September 26. Also known as National Shamu the Whale Day, this holiday celebrates the heroics and splendor of remarkable orcas. The original Shamu was honored in the late 1960s. That same name has been passed down many generations, through SeaWorld shows. It has since become a day to appreciate the world of orcas.

History of Shamu the Whale Day

The first Shamu was a Whale that rose to prominence in the late 1960s. It was the star of a show, organized by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Many people came from around the country to watch the beautiful performances of Shamu. Despite being called killer whales, orcas are mostly harmless and are very fun to watch. Therefore, people loved to go see them. When the original Shamu died in 1971, subsequent stars of the show were given the name as the title. SeaWorld eventually went to trademark the name “Shamu,” and has since used it to attract people to their events.

September 26 became significant because it celebrated the first surviving baby Shamu in 1985. That’s why Shamu the Whale Day is now celebrated on September 26 every year. The holiday is celebrated in honor of the first Shamu. After her death, Shamu the Whale Day became a holiday for people to go to SeaWorld Parks and watch great performances from other killer whales.

However, orcas fare better in their natural habitats, and people are now encouraged to watch documentaries about orcas or find a way to visit their world, instead of going to parks to see them.
The holiday is now recognized more for the awareness it creates about orcas and other large sea mammals. On Shamu the Whale Day, people now gather support for killer whales that live in uncomfortable conditions. There are several organizations concerned with the welfare of orcas. These organizations help keep track of our favorite orcas while helping to protect them.

Shamu the Whale Day timeline

October 1965
Shamu is Captured

The killer whale named Shamu is captured.

August 16, 1971
Shamu Dies

Shamu dies four months after an accident during a performance.

September 26, 1985
Surviving Baby Shamu

The first surviving baby Shamu is introduced.

March 2016
SeaWorld Announces End to Orca Breeding

SeaWorld promises to end all orca capture and breeding.

Shamu the Whale Day FAQs

How many orcas are living today?

There are an estimated 50,000 orcas alive today. 

What do killer whales eat?

Orcas eat other fish and some big ones too. 

Are killer whales related to dolphins?

Yes, killer whales are the same family as dolphins. 

How To Observe Shamu the Whale Day

  1. Raise awareness about orcas

    Inform people about the beauty of the orca world. Use hashtags to spread the information on social media.

  2. Watch documentaries about orcas

    Orcas, also known as killer whales, are very beautiful creatures. Documentaries about orcas are interesting to watch.

  3. Support organizations for whale conservation

    You can give to organizations that help keep whales safe. That way, we can all help protect these adorable animals.

5 Interesting Facts About Orcas

  1. Orcas are also known as killer whales

    Orcas are largely known as killer whales, because of their prowess.

  2. Orcas live in every ocean

    In all oceans of the world, orcas can be found.

  3. They don't constitute a threat to humans

    In their natural habitats, killer whales will not attack a human fatally.

  4. Orcas don't have a sense of smell

    They instead depend on their sight and hearing.

  5. They're intelligent and playful

    There are several accounts of orcas displaying intelligent traits.

Why We Love Shamu the Whale Day

  1. There's more awareness about orcas

    On Shamu the Whale Day, we learn more about the life of orcas. We also learn more ways to help keep them safe.

  2. We can appreciate the beauty of orcas

    On this holiday, we can watch as many documentaries on orcas as possible. We can enjoy the beauty and splendor of their world.

  3. We can help keep orcas safe

    We can join groups that are concerned about orcas' wellbeing. Also, we can donate to this cause.

Shamu the Whale Day dates

2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday
2028September 26Tuesday

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