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ThuSep 26

National Compliance Officer Day – September 26, 2024

National Compliance Officer Day is recognized on September 26. Compliance officers are a very special group, tasked with the duty of ensuring an ethical and safe environment for the running of businesses across the country. It is a noble profession that deserves its own day.

History of National Compliance Officer Day

The compliance profession itself emerged in the early 1990s. Since then, compliance officers have become indispensable to the successful and safe running of a business. Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring that companies and businesses obey regulations and requirements imposed on them. The field has since diversified to fit all kinds of firms and businesses. Compliance officers are expected to have high ethical standards, to be reliable, honest, and effective.

In 2016, SAI Global, now known as SAI360, launched National Compliance Officer Day. This was done with the intent of honoring compliance professionals. Hardworking men and women are recognized on this special day.
The post of Chief Compliance Officers began to proliferate in the early 2000s. It has since become part of the compliance departments across several organizations.

In a rapidly changing world, businesses and organizations are constantly facing the risk of crumbling. Compliance officers are tasked with the duty of preventing this. They ensure that regulations are followed to a T and that customer rights are protected as well as those of the organization. Compliance officers make sure that action is taken quickly instead of frantic reactions to economic meltdowns. Ultimately, compliance officers make sure that our economy doesn’t slip into depression.

It is a very tough job, and compliance officers deserve a day to celebrate their heroics. They also deserve to be celebrated by other employees, and the society at large. Thus, National Compliance Officer Day was founded to appreciate these dutiful men and women, who are professionals in the field of compliance.

National Compliance Officer Day timeline

Compliance Emerges

The field of compliance emerges across the country.

OECD Recognizes the Importance of Compliance

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reports that compliance and ethics programs help against bribery and corruption.

CEOs Admit the Importance of Compliance

Most CEOs surveyed by PwC admit that compliance issues were the biggest threats to their businesses.

First National Compliance Officer Day

SAI Global establishes National Compliance Officer Day.

National Compliance Officer Day FAQs

What does a compliance officer do?

Compliance officers are in charge of making sure their organizations obey external and internal regulations.

Who created National Compliance Officer Day?

National Compliance Officer Day was created by SAI360 in 2016.

Who is a CCO?

The CCO is the Chief Compliance Officer of an organization who heads the department.

How to Observe National Compliance Officer Day

  1. Appreciate a compliance officer

    You can say 'thank you' to the compliance officer at your place of work. Thank them for upholding ethical behavior in business.

  2. Spread the news on social media

    Spread awareness about the work of compliance officers on social media. Help more people to realize the role of compliance officers.

  3. Research the roles of compliance officers

    It is good to know the function of the compliance officer in your company. It will help you understand how to better relate with them.

5 Facts About Compliance

  1. Compliance is a wide profession

    Compliance is a very diverse profession, with all kinds of organizations requiring it.

  2. Compliance requires skills and honesty

    To be a compliance officer, one needs to have a wide range of skills and high ethical standards.

  3. Compliance helps in preventing economic downturns

    The job of compliance officers is to help organizations maintain a sustainable working space.

  4. It works alongside other fields

    The compliance profession is formed to work alongside other departments within an organization.

  5. Compliance can influence government regulations

    Compliance officers are also responsible for reviewing regulations and making recommendations.

Why National Compliance Officer Day is Important

  1. Compliance officers help keep our economy stable

    Left unchecked, businesses will fail. However, compliance officers help to prevent this.

  2. We learn more about compliance officers

    On National Compliance Officer Day, we learn more about the profession and its impact on society. This helps us to appreciate them better.

  3. Compliance affects all of us

    The effect of the good works of compliance officers is felt by society at large. This is because we're all affected by the economy.

National Compliance Officer Day dates

2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday
2028September 26Tuesday

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