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Hug A Vegetarian Day
FriSep 27

Hug A Vegetarian Day – September 27, 2024

Hug a Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Friday of September — September 27 this year. Many people in the world believe that humans can have perfectly healthy diets without eating any meat. The plant-based diets of vegetarians or vegans may differ from those of meat-eaters, but for most, the intakes of both groups are nutritionally adequate for good health, and many of the differences are quite small. Hug a Vegetarian Day introduces people to the lifestyle and how they can incorporate more meat-free food items into their diets. Hug a Vegetarian Day celebrates those who have taken the step to go cruelty-free by removing meat from their regular diet. This of course also means denouncing leather, fur, and other animal products.

History of Hug A Vegetarian Day

The history of Hug a Vegetarian Day is tied to the history of PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which is the organization that founded the day. PETA was founded in 1949 by Ingrid Newkirk.

After being less than pleased by the conditions in an animal shelter, Ingrid Newkirk brought focus to the treatment of the animals at some shelters and how poorly looked after they were. She went on to establish PETA to help make the lives of animals safe and dignified. It was originally located in Rockville, Maryland, in 1980, until it later moved to Norfolk, Virginia. From there, it has grown internationally and become a leading symbol for the fight against animal cruelty.

Hug A Vegetarian Day was established by PETA to celebrate and recognize those who have transitioned to a meat-free and animal-product-free lifestyle. Being a vegetarian isn’t always easy. In many cases, the food options tend to be limited at restaurants, and sometimes vegetarians may even experience a strange hostility in social situations. Since vegetarianism is now becoming increasingly popular among ethical consumers and fitness enthusiasts, the options for the vegetarian palate are now wider. Today, it is relatively easy to find an alternative for most animal-based proteins. Hug a vegetarian and give them a pat on the back for doing their bit in saving animal lives. A greener diet also means that they are helping to protect the environment and the planet. Even for a day, Hug a Vegetarian Day is a great way to try out the lifestyle.

Hug A Vegetarian Day timeline


PETA is founded by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco.

PETA Appeals to the Supreme Court

The first animal-testing case concerning the Silver Spring monkeys is appealed in the Supreme Court.

PETA goes to India

PETA sets up an office in Mumbai, India.

Person of the Year

PETA honors Pope Francis as the Person of the Year for his cruelty-free lifestyle.

Hug A Vegetarian Day FAQs

Is it worth being a vegetarian?

Not only is vegetarianism cruelty-free, but it can also be one of the healthiest ways to eat. Plant foods are loaded with nutrients to protect our health. 

How do vegetarians get B12?

Vegetarians have several options for sources of B12. These include eggs and dairy products, such as milk and cheese. Vegans have a more limited list of options. Fortified foods, or those with added vitamin B12, are a great source. 

Do humans need meat?

There is no nutritional need for humans to eat any animal products; all of our dietary needs, even as infants and children, are best supplied by an animal-free diet.

How To Celebrate Hug A Vegetarian Day

  1. Hug a vegetarian

    Hugging a vegetarian is the obvious way to celebrate the day. Applaud the efforts of your vegetarian loved ones in doing a good thing for the earth and for the animals.

  2. Eat vegetarian meals on this day

    Take the meat off the table and see what a completely vegetarian meal tastes like. The best way to go about this is by avoiding dairy, eggs, or other foods that might contain animal byproducts. Switch to fruits, vegetables, soy, nuts, and pulses.

  3. Watch a vegetarian documentary

    For people who want to educate themselves about this important issue, a documentary or some reading material is a great place to get started on your vegetarian lifestyle.

5 Facts About Vegetarianism That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. India has the most number of vegetarians

    Currently, 70% of the world’s vegetarians are Indians.

  2. It can affect your genetics

    A vegan diet can change more than 500 genes in just three months.

  3. Vegetarians can be vitamin B12 deficient

    Vegetarians can be deficient in vitamin B12, which only comes from animal sources.

  4. Vegetarianism can feed more people

    Plants yield 10 times more protein per acre than meat.

  5. Many famous people are vegetarians

    Famous vegetarians include Leonardo da Vinci, Henry Ford, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, and Ozzy Osborne.

Why We Love Hug A Vegetarian Day

  1. It's cruelty-free

    Vegetarianism means denouncing all animal food products, and some might even give up dairy. A cruelty-free lifestyle means less animal suffering.

  2. A day to try something new

    Hug A Vegetarian Day also encourages us to try a new lifestyle. Use this day to learn more about an alternative lifestyle — who knows, you might even end up liking it!

  3. It’s good for the environment

    The meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to methane, a greenhouse gas. Switching to vegetarianism means you are dedicated to making the Earth a cleaner and greener planet.

Hug A Vegetarian Day dates

2022September 23Friday
2023September 22Friday
2024September 27Friday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 25Friday

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